SBI Credit Card vs Axis Credit Card vs HDFC Credit Card: Who Offers The Best Cards?

In many of our articles we have talked about best credit cards for offline spending, best credit cards for zero forex fee etc. but with credit cards, we have observed a trend that while analyzing credit cards, we talk about Joining Fee, Eligibility, features but we never see which bank the credit card belongs to? Now you will think, is there anything to pay attention to in this? What difference does it make if the features and fees of a credit card are correct, no matter which bank the credit card is from? Before you finish the next few paragraphs of this article, you will know why it is important for you to know the best bank for credit cards.

Now we too used to feel the same but we have observed in the last two years that it makes a lot of difference which bank your credit card belongs to. Let us now understand this thing more closely:

Which Are The Best Bank For Credit Cards?

Keeping in mind the importance and flexibility of credit cards, the following four banks provide you the best credit cards in today’s date –

  • HDFC Bank
  • SBI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • ICICI Bank

Now ICICI Bank also provides you good cards but we will keep it at 4th number in this category. If we talk about Kotak Bank here, then in terms of credit cards, Kotak Bank is far behind compared to other banks. Kotak Bank does not have any credit card in the premium and cashback segments. Therefore, if you have taken a beginner card of Kotak Bank and you want to upgrade it, then there will be no upgrade option for you.

On the contrary, if you take a credit card of HDFC Bank and if you are thinking of upgrading that card, then you will get 10 options to upgrade your card. Keep in mind that it is easy to upgrade in the same bank and getting a similar card in another bank becomes a bit difficult. Therefore, for your credit card, select a bank which has good cards in all categories.

So now we will compare the credit cards of three different banks HDFC, SBI and Axis Bank in different categories and in the end we will also tell you our opinion that among all these, which is the Best Bank for Credit Cards for you?

HDFC Credit Card vs SBI Credit Card vs AXIS Credit Card

Best Lifetime Free Credit Card:

First of all we will know about the best lifetime free credit cards of these three banks. In this category, we personally like ICICI Bank’s Amazon Pay Credit Card. But if we have to compare the Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards of these three banks HDFC, SBI and Axis Bank, then there is competition between the two credit cards –

Fee & Charges:

The annual fee of both these credit cards is ₹500+Taxes but if you play your cards right you can get both of these cards absolutely zero cost. Infect, Axis Bank had made this credit card lifetime free only in September 2022, but we are not sure till when this offer will be extended but for now, Axis My Zone Credit Card is being given to you lifetime free. .

Cashback & Rewards:

If we talk about cashback rewards of both these cards, then SBI Simple Click Credit Card is giving you more returns on online spends than Axis My Zone Credit Card. Apart from this, if you spend with your credit card on SBI’s online spend partners like Amazon, BookMyShow etc. then you get cashback points up to 2.5% which is quite good for a beginner credit card.

SBI Simply Click Credit Card

In contrast, with Axis My Zone Credit Card, you get up to 4% reward points on dining on weekends. But we think that these weekend offers are probably rarely used.

Other Benefits:

With Axis My Zone Credit Card, you get access to 1 lounge in the quarter. You get a discount of Rs 200 per month on PVR on movie tickets and also get a membership of Rs 1000 on Sony Liv. Apart from this, you also get amazing discounts on Swiggy and Ajio with this credit card.

Axis My Zone Credit Card

Although Axis My Zone Credit Card Was really lagging in terms of regular benefits like reward points and milestone spendings but it has more than caught up in other benefits. So in this category are pick would be axis my zone credit card.

Best Credit Cards For Shopping:

There is no doubt in the shopping category, in this we will pick only SBI Cashback Credit Card because in this you get about 5% cashback on every online spending. And in this the capping of your monthly cashback is ₹ 5000. Now apart from these, there are other credit cards in which you get 5% cashback on online spending like HDFC Millennia Credit Card, Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, but the monthly limit of your cashback in these is quite less.

The annual fee of this SBI Cashback Credit Card is Rs 999 + GST and if you spend Rs 200,000 or more from your credit card in a year, then your annual fee also gets waived off. Recently, SBI Bank had done a lot of devaluation in the features of this credit card. In this, the facility of domestic complimentary launch access which was given to you earlier has also been discontinued by SBI Bank on this credit card.

SBI Cashback Credit Card

But we still say that this credit card is very best for online spending and even if you spend four-five thousand rupees per month on this credit card, you can still earn good cashback on it.

Best Credit Card For Hotel Stays + Travel:

Now choosing a credit card in this category is quite difficult because everyone’s choice of traveling and staying in hotels is different. Because some people like to stay in five star hotels, some people like to travel by flight, some people like to travel by train, therefore, keeping all these choices in mind, it is difficult to choose one credit card but we still try.

If you like to stay in five star hotels and travel in flights, then HDFC Infinia Metal Credit Card is the best option for you.

Best Credit Card For Hotel Stays + Travel: HDFC Infinia Credit Card

This credit card is a very exclusive credit card and for this card your annual salary should be between Rs 40 to 50 lakh. All we will say about this credit card is that for now it is the best credit card in India and if the bank is offering you this credit card, then you can take this credit card blindly.

If you are a budget traveller, each flight has its own credit card.

  • Vistara Flight Axis Vistara Credit Card
  • Air India’s SBI Air India Credit Card
  • Etihad’s SBI Prime Credit Card
  • HDFC Bank 6E Rewards Credit card

Now you can decide for yourself which of these credit cards you want to take and by which flight you travel more.

By now you must be seeing that one credit card from each bank is best in all categories: Axis in Beginner, SBI in Shopping and HDFC in Hotels + Travels. Now let us talk about best all rounder credit card in a budget. Right now this category is a new category for us; you would hardly have heard about it anywhere.

Best All Rounder Credit Card:

In this category we will look at a good credit card which is overall good and for which we do not need a very high salary. Now in this category you have the choice of three credit cards which include the following credit cards –

  • HDFC Regalia Credit Card
  • Axis Select Credit Card
  • SBI Prime Credit Card

The minimum eligibility for these three credit cards is annual salary of Rs 10 to 15 lakh and their fees are approximately between ₹ 2500 to ₹ 3000. Now among these three credit cards we will also choose HDFC Regalia Credit Card. Recently there was a minor devaluation in this credit card, in which the lounge access available in this credit card was reduced, but still we would prefer to choose this credit card.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Apply

The normal reward rate of HDFC Regalia Credit Card is 1.3%, but if you use this credit card on HDFC’s SmartBuy portal, your reward rate can go up to 6.6%, which is quite good.

In HDFC Regalia Credit Card, you will currently get 8 domestic lounge access and 6 international lounge access and before devaluation, you were given 12 domestic lounge access. The most important thing about this credit card is that if you use this credit card well, then it is easy for you to upgrade this credit card to HDFC’s premium cards like HDFC Diners Club Credit Card and HDFC Infinia Credit Card. If you continue to use this credit card continuously, you will get the option to upgrade.

On the contrary, there is some difficulty in upgrading in Axis Bank and SBI Bank, in that you have to get a new card and if you have upgraded in any credit card of these two banks, then please tell us your experience. This will let us and others know how you have upgraded.

Best Premium Credit Card:

The credit cards mentioned in this category are for those who can actually afford premium credit cards. In this category you have the option of three credit cards which are mentioned below –

  • HDFC Infinia Metal Credit Card
  • Axis Magnus Credit Card
  • SBI Elite Credit Card

The annual fee of these three credit cards is between ₹ 5000 to ₹ 12500 and the eligibility for these credit cards is annual salary of ₹ 20 lakh to ₹ 25 lakh. Now choosing any one of these three credit cards in this category is not difficult because in this category we will choose HDFC Infinia Credit Card only. This credit card is actually considered to be the best credit card in India and it is. Till some time ago, Axis Magnus Credit Card was giving good competition to this credit card, but four-five months ago, Axis Magnus Credit Card devalued a lot.

HDFC Infinia normally gives you a reward rate of 3.3% but if you use this credit card on HDFC SmartBuy portal and book your flight tickets, train tickets or buy vouchers of any brand there, you can get a reward rate of up to 16.6%. Now the reward rate of 16.6% is crazy.

In HDFC Infinia, you are given the facility of unlimited domestic and international lounge access for yourself and the add-on card holder.

Final Words:

In this article we have discussed five categories, out of which HDFC’s credit cards are the best in three categories, hence in our opinion HDFC Bank is the leader of credit cards and in this you are also given more options for your upgrade. Therefore, if you are getting any credit card of HDFC which is suitable for you, then you should definitely take it because it provides you more future possibilities. If you find this article helpful, then do share it.


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