Is Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card Worth It? Know The Complete Story

In this article, we will discuss all the features of Federal Bank’s Scapia Credit Card in detail and know what is so special about this card that it started attracting customers as soon as it was launched.

Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card Review: Features And Benefits

Scapia Credit Card Review

Scapia credit card is a co-branded credit card of Federal Bank, all the back end work is managed by Federal Bank and the front end work is managed by Scapia. This Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card is useful for you only when you travel by airplane a lot. If you are a domestic or international frequent traveler by airplane, then this credit card is best for you, otherwise you can also ignore this credit card because the most amazing features provided to you in this credit card are related to lounge access. .

But if you are not a fan of traveling too much or you do not have any work that requires you to travel by plane frequently, then you can still read this article to increase your credit cards literacy.

Quick Overview Of Scapia Credit Card Features:

Detailed Explanation of Scapia Credit Card Features:

Reward Points:

With this Scapia Credit Card, you will get 10 Scapia points for every Rs 100 spent, the value of 5 Scapia Points is equal to 1 rupee. So we can say that you get 2% cashback through this credit card.

Apart from this, this Scapia credit card says that if you book any ticket through Scapia App, we will give you 20 Scapia points per ₹100. Now 20 Scapia points on ₹100 means you will get 4% cashback here. Another best thing here is that there is no upper limit on their reward points i.e. no matter how much you spend in a month, you will get eligible reward points on all.

Now here some people will have a question that as much as they are giving us 4% cashback on booking flights on Scapia app, in return they will cover it by increasing the ticket rates on their Scapia app.

But there is nothing like this that we have tried personally. We tried booking flight tickets from different platforms and also compared their ticket prices with Scapia app but we found that Scapia app offers cheaper tickets than other apps like Paytm, MMT etc. The ticket which you were getting for ₹ 4500 on MMT, you were getting it for ₹ 4300 on Paytm, but the same ticket was showing you for only ₹ 4100 on Scapia. We tried checking on multiple routes but the rates of all were lower than others on the Scapia app.

Disclaimer: Now here we would like to give you a disclaimer that as we all know that Scapia is a new platform in the market, hence there is a high possibility that it is showing such prices to attract new customers. And in future, it should also increase the price of its tickets. And this will definitely increase the prizes.

No Reward Points Categories:

There are some terms and conditions to earn reward points of this credit card which you have to follow. If you do any transaction related to any of the categories mentioned below with this credit card, you will not get any Scapia points –

  • Money Transfer
  • Rent Payments
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • EMI Transactions
  • Forex Transactions
  • Education & School fees
  • Gift Cards
  • Credit Card repayments
  • Crypto/Digital Assets Transactions
  • Wallet Loading Transactions

Scapia Points Redemption:

Now to redeem all the Scapia points you earn by shopping with Scapia Credit Card, you will have to use the Scapia app. You can book flight tickets etc. on the Scapia app with your Scapia points. And the value of one Scapia Point on their Scapia app is equal to Rs 0.20.

Eligibility Criteria Of Scapia Credit Card:

Now the eligibility criteria of this co-branded Scapia Credit card of Federal Bank is also something unique. There are three most major points of eligibility criteria of this card which we have discussed below –

  1. If you already have a personal loan or credit card from Federal Bank, then you are not eligible for this Scapia Credit Card.
    • Now it may sound a bit strange but many people do not have a credit card of Federal Bank. But in the last few months, Federal Bank has offered many credit cards by tying up with fintech companies like One Card and Jupiter, so even if you have any of those credit cards, you may not be eligible for this Scapia credit card.
    • So if you already have a credit card of Federal Bank. And if you want to take this Scapia credit card, then you will have to talk to the customer care of Federal Bank and get your existing credit card closed, only then you can apply for this credit card.
  2. Another important criteria for this card is that your minimum age should be 23 years. Now looking at their criteria, it becomes clear that this credit card is not for students at all. Federal Bank has designed this credit card especially for salaried persons.
  3. To avail this Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card, there should not be more than 5 inquiries of your CIBIL in the last 6 months. Now it does not matter what your age is or whether you already have a credit card from Federal Bank or not, if you have more than 5 CIBIL inquiries in the last 6 months then your application can be rejected.

Lounge Access Benefits:

The most amazing feature of this Scapia credit card or we can say that the feature for which this credit card is known is that in this you get access to unlimited domestic lounge. We have not seen this feature in any lifetime free credit card yet. For this, their only short term and condition is that you will have to spend a minimum of ₹ 5000 per month on this credit card, only then you can avail the benefit of this unlimited domestic lounge access.

Now, although you get access to unlimited lounges in many credit cards of Axis Bank, but there are very few lounges available at airports with which Axis Bank has a tie up and on which its credit card operates. But the number of lounges that this Scapia credit is tied up with is rarely seen in any other credit card. In this credit you get access to 53 lounges and you will definitely find one of these lounges at every airport. You can see the list of all these lounges from here. However, this list keeps getting updated from time to time, hence the number of lounges may increase or decrease when you access this list.

Along with this, this credit card is also a Zero Forex Markup Fee credit card that means you will not have to pay any markup fee for doing Forex transactions with this credit card.

Scapia Credit Card Lounge Access benefits

That’s why we told you in the beginning itself that if you are a frequent airplane traveler then this credit card is great for you. But if you rarely travel by flights or never travel at all, then this credit card is not going to give you much benefit. Therefore, it does not make much sense to take multiple credit cards, we should take only those credit cards which are beneficial for us.

List Of Charges Of This Scapia Credit Card:

Now, although this credit card is a lifetime free credit card, there are a lot of other charges on this credit card. A sample of other charges of this credit card is shown in the image below, you can access its complete list from here.

Therefore, if you use this credit card properly, you will definitely get benefits, but if you miss even one payment, you will see a pile of charges.

Final Words:

Now after reading this Scapia Credit Card Review, you must have understood that this credit card has been specially designed for domestic travelers. And the current offering of reward points of this credit card is also quite excellent.

But there is also a strong possibility that in the coming time their reward rate may reduce and their ticket rate may also increase and it is possible that they may also start charging annual charges for this credit card. Therefore, our recommendation regarding this credit card is that this credit card is still new in the market, so you should wait for a few more months and analyze this credit card thoroughly and if this credit card continues to hold on to these offers in the coming few months, then you can apply for this credit card.


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