A Detailed Comparison of HDFC Infinia Credit Card vs Axis Magnus Credit Card

In the world of credit cards, there are two special cards called HDFC Infinia credit card and Axis Magnus credit card. These cards are not like regular ones; they are for people who want lots of good things from their credit cards. Let’s explore these cards to help you decide which one is right for you. In this article, you will know such unique facts about HDFC Infinia Vs Axis Magnus Credit Card, which you must know before applying for these two credit cards.  Axis Magnus and HDFC Infinia are two of the most premium credit cards in India.

HDFC Infinia Vs Axis Magnus Credit Card:

HDFC Infinia Vs Axis Magnus Credit Card: A Complete Comparison


Now, since both these credit cards belong to the premium category, we will first talk about their eligibility –

How to apply?Invitation basisNA
Min Salary40 LPA24 LPA
How to upgradeCredit limit on previous HDFC card = Rs 8 Lakhs Spends in past 6 months = Rs. 7.5 Lakhs– – – – – 

HDFC Infinia Credit Card is so exclusive that you do not get it on the basis of salary. ‘HDFC Infinia’ is an invite only credit card that HDFC Bank sells separately to users. The invitation criteria for this card is simple, your previous HDFC credit card limit should be at least Rs 8 Lakh and you should have spent at least Rs 7.5 Lakh with regular payments from that card in the last 6 months. Apart from this, your annual salary for this credit card should be Rs 40 Lakhs, only then you will be eligible for this credit card.

In contrast, there is nothing like this in the Axis Magnus Credit Card. Your annual salary should be Rs 24 Lakhs in this and anyone can apply for this card, it is not an Invitation Only card. Now which credit card is suitable for you out of these credit cards, you will know before finishing this article.

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Joining & Annual Fees:

Joining FeesRs 12500+GSTRs 12500+GST
Welcome Benefit1 year club Marriott membership* 12500 RP if joining fees is paidSelect one of the following vouchers valued at INR 12,500:   Luxe gift card, The Postcard Hotels gift voucher, Yatra gift voucher
Annual FeesRs 12500+GSTRs 12500+ GST
Annual Fees WaiverRs 10 Lakhs spendRs 25 Lakhs Spend
Renewal Benefit12500 RP if renewal fee is paid  NA

HDFC Infinia credit card’s annual fee is slightly higher than Axis Magnus but the welcome benefits of both the cards are quite different. You get Rewards points equal to the annual fee of HDFC Infinia and you also get Club Marriott membership in it. Next, we will also tell you what you can do with these Rewards Points. If you have spent 10 lakh rupees from this HDFC Infinia Card last year, then your annual fee is waved off.

In Axis Magnus Credit Card, before 1 September 2023, you were given either 1 Economy Flight Ticket or Tata Cliq voucher of Rs 10,000 as welcome benefit. But recently Axis Bank has done devaluation in its features in which it has also changed its welcome benefit.

Now you will be given a gift voucher of Rs 12,500 from any one of the platforms Luxe gift card, The Postcard Hotels gift voucher and Yatra gift voucher as welcome benefit in this card. Now it depends on you which of these vouchers you want to take.

Along with this, if you had earlier spent Rs 15 lakh on this Axis Magnus Credit Card in the last year, then your annual fee would have been waived. But now they have increased this limit also from Rs 15 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. If seen now, this limit is much higher than before and a sudden increase of Rs 10 lakh in the annual spending of a customer in order to waive off the annual fee seems like not waiving the annual fee. That is why we have not liked this change of Axis Bank.

Along with this, Axis Bank has also increased its Joining and Annual Fee from Rs 10,000 + taxes to Rs 12,500 + taxes which has become equal to HDFC Infinia Credit Card. Now due to Axis Bank reducing so many features in this credit card, HDFC Infinia Credit Card can be a good option. Here we found HDFC Infinia better than Axis Magnus card.

Spend Based Benefits:

Rewards5 RP per Rs 150Get 12 EDGE Reward Points for every INR 200 spent each month, up to INR 1,50,000.   Earn 35 EDGE Reward Points for every INR 200 spent each month, exceeding INR 1,50,000.
OtherEarn up to 10 times Reward Points* on your travel and shopping spends on Smartbuy5X Reward points on spends via Travel eDGE.   Earn 2 partner# miles for every 5 eDGE Reward points across 19 travel partners.

HDFC Infinia:

HDFC Bank Credit Card Apply

On HDFC Infinia Credit Card, you get 5 reward points for every Rs 150 spent and if you spend on travel or shopping through SmartBuy portal, you get 10 times the reward points. Now in this you get 10X reward points in some categories like IGP.com, Hotel booking through SmartBuy and MakeMyTrip.

You get 5X Reward Points in some categories like Flights through SmartBuy, Redbus, Instant Vouchers and Imagine Tresor.

Apart from this, you get 3X reward points in some categories like Flipkart and IRTC Bookings. But by combining all these reward points, you can earn a maximum of 15000 reward points in a month.

Axis Magnus:

Axis Magnus Credit Card

In Axis Magnus Credit Card, you get 12 Edge Reward Points for every Rs 200 on spending up to Rs 1,50,000 in a month. And on spending more than Rs 1,50,000 in a month, you get 35 Edge Reward Points for every Rs 200.

On Travel Edge, you get 60 Edge reward points on every Rs 200 spent up to Rs 2 lakh in a month and above Rs 2 lakh, you get 35 Edge reward points on every Rs 200 spent.

Non-Spend Based Benefits:

HDFC Infinia:

  • In this you get Supplementary Club Marriot Membership for the first year which offers you 20% discount on Dining and Stay across Asia Pacific Region.
  • With HDFC Infinia Credit Card, you can avail 3rd night free stay in some selected ITC hotels. That means, if you book a room for three nights in ITC Hotel, you will have to pay only for two nights and the rent for one night will be waived off.
  • Apart from this you also get the benefit of unlimited complimentary golf on this card. In this, you get free access to some selected golf games in India and outside India. Along with this you also get unlimited complimentary Golf Coaching at some selected Golf Courses.
  • By using Priority Pass you can avail unlimited complimentary Lounge Access in India and outside India. And this benefit is for both primary and Add-On card holder.

Axis Magnus:

  • With Axis Magnus Credit Card, you get 8 complimentary end to end VIP Services at airports. In this, an Executive assists you in Check In and Security Check.
  • In this card, you get a discount of Rs 500 on the second ticket if you buy a Movie/Non-Movie ticket on BookMyShow. You can avail this offer maximum five times in a month.
  • In this card, the primary card holder can make unlimited visits to the selected Domestic Lounges.
  • Along with this, you also get the facility of 8 Guest Visits in a year along with unlimited International Lounge Access.

Now according to us, the non-spend based benefits of both these cards are quite good. Therefore, we will give priority to both these cards in this category. If you like to go to ITC Hotels then HDFC Infinia Credit Card is good for you and if you are fond of movies then Axis Magnus Credit Card is best for you because it provides you Movie Benefits on BookMyShow. Therefore, now it depends on you which of these benefits you want.

How to use the Rewards Points?

By the way, you get a lot of redemption options on both these cards. Like you can use HDFC Infinia points for Airmiles, Statement Credit or vouchers purchase at different conversion rates. With this, you can convert Edge Points of Axis Magnus into brand Vouchers or Airmiles. Let us now know about them in a little detail.

HDFC Infinia:

  • HDFC Infinia reward points can be redeemed on SmartBuy and here you get the value of 1 reward point at Rs 1. On SmartBuy, you can redeem only a maximum of 1.5 lakh reward points in a calendar month and on Tanishq Vouchers, you can redeem only a maximum of 50,000 reward points in a calendar month.

But one thing to be kept in mind here is that on SmartBuy you can pay maximum only 70% of your total spend amount from your reward points and the remaining 30% has to be paid from your card only.

  • You can also convert Infinia points into Airmiles and here you get the value of 1 reward point as 0.5 or 1 Airmile. In Miles you can redeem maximum 1.5 lakh reward points in a month.
  • Apart from this, you can also purchase Instant Vouchers from Infinia reward points and here you get the value of 1 reward point at Rs 0.50.
  • Last Redemption option of HDFC Infinia card is Cashback or statement credit and here you get the value of 1 reward point Rs 0.30. Here you can redeem only a maximum of 50,000 reward points in a calendar month.

Axis Magnus:

  • Using the points of Axis Magnus Credit Card, you can avail instant vouchers of brands through Edge reward platform and can also buy some products. Here you get the value of one Edge Reward Point of Rs 0.20.
  • You can book hotels and flights from your points through the Travel Edge platform. Here also you get only Rs 0.20 value of 1 Edge Point.
  • With this you can convert your Edge Points to Airmiles. In this you get 2 miles on redeeming 5 Edge Points. You can redeem a maximum of 5 Lakh Edge Points in a year.

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Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed all the major points of both these credit cards, on the basis of which you can easily decide which credit card is best for you and in which credit card you will get more rewards. . Now the question arises here that if you have the option to choose one of these two credit cards, then which one would you choose between HDFC Infinia Credit Card and Axis Magnus Credit Card?

Now Axis Bank has made many major changes in Axis Magnus, hence now HDFC Infinia card appears to be a better option than this. To get the annual fee waiver on both these cards, the spending that you have to do from your card in the previous year has been much higher than before in Axis Magnus which is Rs. 25 lakh. And besides, you do not get any benefit on this card by paying Renewal Fee. Therefore, on the basis of fee, welcome benefit and renewal benefit, HDFC Infinia credit card is better.

In Non Spend Based Benefits, you get good offers on both the cards. In Axis Magnus you get great offers on Airport concierge and Movies Ticket and in HDFC Infinia you get good offers on Golf and ITC Hotels. In case of Airport Lounges also both the cards are good.

Now, if you want to choose any one of these two cards in terms of cashback, then you can consider HDFC Infinia card because you do not get any cashback by redeeming the reward points of Axis Magnus Credit Card. The monthly milestone benefit that you used to get earlier on Axis Magnus has also been done away with and now if you want good reward points on this card, then your monthly spending should be more than Rs 1.5 lakh. Overall, if you want good returns from Axis Magnus card, then your monthly expenses should be above Rs 2 lakh, otherwise you can select only HDFC Infinia.


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