How to make money fast in India? Generate side income

If you are a student or doing a job, then in this article you will know how to make money fast in India. It doesn’t matter what your age is and what you are doing, you can earn a good amount of Part Time with these 18 ways. In the beginning you can start it as a Part Time but later you can also opt for it as a Career.

All of them want to know that how to make money fast in India, so in this article you will be told all legit methods by which you can start your career. In these ways, you can Earn money from your home.

How to Make Money Fast in India?

Let us know about those 18 ways by which you can earn money as a College Student and As a Job Professional –


Our first comes – Photography. If you have a mobile phone or a DSLR Camera, then with the help of these you can click photos. Photography can prove to be a very good option for a side income for you.

You start it with Wedding or Birthday Parties or you capture Events and slowly prepare your Portfolio So that you can start Earning from it.

If you want to take a Masterclass for Photography and want to become a Professional in it, then you can join Udemy Photography Masterclass. Here you are given complete value for your money. On Udemy, you get related courses from every field and it is one of the trusted platforms.

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Sourcing Products

Second, if you are in College or even if you are working, then there will always be a demand for some products which is higher than the others. It could be shoes, belts, PS5, anything at all, you have to find a way of sourcing them, and because there is high demand, reselling them at a certain margin.

This Margin could be from 10-30 %.  Many College Students are actually doing this nowadays, so why not you.

Fitness Training

If you are interested in fitness, then you can provide fitness training to your class, group or your community. Along with this, you can also give fitness training online to the people. This will give you a different identity.

That is such a great way to help others, and also make money. Especially nowadays, when people have become so particular about fitness. To get equipped on that, Udemy has a course – Complete Fitness Trainer Certification, which will help you with the basics on how to approach your fitness training business. And the second one is Internationally Accredited Diploma Certificate in Fitness, which is a way for you to get professional about this journey.

Music College Band

If you are interested in music, than you can make a college band or you own company band and you can actually start making money through that. You can release you singles, that could be a way of marketing it. You can try to make those singles go viral on through Instagram Reels and other social media platforms.

You can work with others to compose music for them. You can work on jingles, work on music projects. If you want to get trained in that, there is a course on Udemy, Successful Music marketing and Branding for Artists/Brands. Which can be a great start for you, and The Complete Band Management Course. It’s Amazing that these courses are available on Udemy. Therefore, you must checkout these courses once, it can be beneficial for you.

Call Centers

They have been there for many years, they are still there, their nature of work has changed, it is much higher in It’s quality. You are speaking to international as well as domestic clients, and it is a great experience because you focus not only on your speaking skills but you also focus on your communication skills but your interpersonal skills with respect to your work place and your work colleagues also improve significantly.

In this you can choose your hours and you can do it along with your college, along with your work and be in control of your time. These methods are beneficial for questions like how to make money fast in India.

The Call Center Training: Getting started With A BPO job, is a course on Udemy for that, and The Call Center Essential Guide, is also a course that can help you exactly with that.

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Voice Over Artists

Different types of Voices are required for dubbing, for production, for a lot of videos as well and a lot of people are volunteering for this and making good money from this process as well.

You can become a Voice Artist with the help of Voice-Over Training: Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro course. There is innumerable Voice-Over Artists on Fiverr and you can list yourself there and start earning a very handsome amount.


Proofreading is when you read a document, and proofread that document for errors, for punctuation and even for facts if necessary.

This is for those professions where there is a lot of documentation, and then they need people, who are mostly college students or young working professionals. In these documents, they solve these types of errors – ‘a full stop is missing here’, ‘a comma is missing here’, ‘this word is misspelled’, this sentence doesn’t flow well’, etc. And get paid per page to make that happen.

In this, you can also translate the document from one language to another. Both of these are great ways for you to start earning a happy income. If you want to proofread, then Proofread Like A Pro is a great course on Udemy, followed by Writing Proofreading Course: Proofread Punctuation & Grammar. It will help you immensely with your communication skills as well.

Delivery Associate

If you live in a small city, and please do this in small cities because it’s a lot of hard work in big cities, if you are in a small city, then you can actually opt to become a Delivery Associate for all the delivery apps that are there in the market today.

Whether it is Dunzo, Zomato, Swiggy, Zepto and so on and so forth. I mentioned small cities because distances are short, traffic is less, there is less mental Stress and you can actually in a few hours make a reasonable amount of money and be in control of your time as well.

So that you spend your time on the right things and you also earn money in your free time.

Data Entry

Data Entry is a job where somebody would tell you to enter the information from a record, whether it is a paper or any other sheet, into a database. This is something that is becoming  more and more important as companies become more and more digital, whether it is a shop, or a business and is a great profession to be.

Again, freelancing opportunities are available dime a dozen if you go to any freelancing website. But to start with the process of data entry, Data Entry Course for Beginners is a good course for beginners on Udemy Itself, followed by Complete Advance Data Entry Application With Microsoft Excel.

Teaching Sports

If you are interested in sports, or you are generally athletic, then you can teach sports to the kids in your neighborhood. There are so many kids who want to learn tennis, football or just general enthusiastic games, then you can be the one teaching them.

It is a brilliant way to connect with kids, and if you can teach something to kids, frankly, you can teach anything to anyone. Definitely consider that, if you are good with sports.

College Canteen

If you have a 24/7 routine or you live in a hostel or you work in the office for late hours, then you can start a Canteen. Maggi, biscuIt’s, frooti, juice, thumbs-up, whatever the case may be these can be things that you sell.

Sell them for even a small premium because people need it at the point in time and there is no other way to get it delivered because nobody else would deliver such small or cheap items and you can become their dunzo.  

Notes Maker

Who are the Note Makers? In Coaching Institute there are many classes and they want to make notes and give it out to students. But who makes those Notes? Somebody like you.

You will be sitting in that class, attending it for free which is mostly the case plus you will get paid to make those Notes. So if you know how to make notes, you can pay attention and you can convert that verbal into a text format which is consumable then you my friend can make a great income through that.

Smart and Effective Notes using OneNote 2010 is a great course for you to get started on Udemy for this.

Preparation International Exams

If your verbal and math is solid then international exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT you can give coaching for that. Usually, these coaching’s are very expensive if you go to a professional institute. But if you start your own coaching through books and through your experience then you can actually take tuitions of kids across the world and train them on international exams.

Writing Scripts

If you are interested in writing, then you can actually writing scripts. Scripts for ads , scripts for production houses, scripts for videos. Content writers as scriptwriters are in demand nowadays.

If you want to learn this then this Udemy course which is The Ultimate Guide for Script-Writing: writing for Short Films is a good start for you because that’s how you would know what it takes to become a scriptwriter for a short film. You can also pickup this course How To Write A Movie Script: Movie Script Writing Basics.

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Start A Small Business

This is always such a nice happy thing. Whether you start a T-shirt business or selling diyas on Diwali colors for Holi, whatever the case may be, be enterprising and think about you can monetize it for the present level of trend by setting up a small business.

That doesn’t need to be a startup, that doesn’t need funding, It’s just something that you can do in your spare time and make money.

Drop Shipment

What is drop shipment?

If there a marketplace on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal any other commerce site then you can actually list your products to sell. If somebody buys those products you have to ship them directly to the consumer. So there is no warehouse in the middle, no packaging in the middle, you will pack it you will have to do everything and you will then have to ship it under some restrictions and this is called the drop shipment model.

A lot of people earn great money through this. If you do not spend a lot of money on it, you can make some nice happy money and also get to experience the joy of E-Commerce as a business.

For the fundamentals of a drop shipment Build a Dropshipping Empire From Scratch is a great course on Udemy.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a link that you share with your audience and friends and if the audience uses that link and purchase something then you will get a percentage of the sales that is generated through that audience.

This is a great way to make happy money a lot of people combine SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and affiliate marketing and make a lot of money.

To know about affiliate marketing and SEO, SEO: Amazon Affiliate Marketing+SEO Course on Udemy is my recommend course. It’s an 18-hour course and very-very useful.

Video Editing

Whenever any raw video is shot it has to be finally edited and editors are required for that. Usually, these editors are not in house and they are a bunch of freelancers that are working across these editing projects.

If you are interested in video editing then this course on Adobe Premium Pro can be a great start for you on Udemy.

Final Words

These were the 18 legit methods by which you can generate good side income even during your college time or being active on a job. Hopefully you must have got to know something different about how to make money fast in India. All these options are options by using which many people are earning money even today, so whatever work you are interested in, you must try it.

All the methods mentioned above, their future is very bright and a business can be developed by expanding each of these methods. So if you start it properly then you too can be successful in it.


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