How to make money from Telegram? 7 Telegram Earning Methods

Friends, on Telegram App, people copy-paste and earn lakhs of rupees every month. For this, all you have to do is copy the content from one place and paste it on Telegram. By doing this you can do a Decent Earning from Telegram. In this article we are going to discuss on How to Make Money from Telegram only.

How to make money from telegram? 7 telegram earning methods

In this article, I will tell you 7 ways using which you will be able to earn money from Telegram Application. Telegram is an application that has 100 Crore+ Downloads on Google Play Store and it is a Genuine application.

Friends, all the methods I am going to tell you about Make Money from Telegram in this article, you must have a Telegram Channel to follow all of them or to earn from them. With Telegram Channel, you build your audience inside Telegram and this audience only gets you Revenue Generated.

Therefore, first of all, let us see the quick overview of creating a Telegram Channel, so that you do not face any problem in following these 7 telegram earning methods –

How to create a Telegram Channel?

  • First of all you have to download and install Telegram application from Google Play Store.
  • Now you have to open it and sign up with your mobile number. After this you have to enter your Name and Last Name and make it next.
  • After this, an account will be created on your Telegram and you can also add your Profile Picture by clicking on the 3 Dots on the Left Side. Now this is Telegram Account but we have to create a Telegram Channel, so now we will create our own Telegram Channel inside this Telegram Account.
  • For this you have to click on the pencil button on the screen.
telegram create channel demo
  • Now you will have the option of Create Group and Create Channel, you have to tap on Create Channel.
  • Now you have to add the name of that channel, profile picture of that channel and a short description.
  • Now two options will appear in front of you – Public Channel and Private Channel and below this you will see a section of Public Link. You have to select Public Channel in it and enter your Username below.

While entering Username, note that it is similar to your name because it builds an Authority and the difference between Public Channel and Private Channel is that anyone can search Public Channels Globally and join it. But Private Channel can neither be globally searched nor can everyone join it.

Only that person can join in Public Channel, which you want to join, but it also has its own advantage, on which we will talk further in this article.

  • After this it will ask to add Subscribers from your Contacts List which you can skip. Now your Telegram Channel is ready, you can customize it more by going to its settings.
  • Now let us know about those 7 telegram earning methods for which you have come to this article and which we want to share with you –

How to make money from Telegram

Friends, first of all, it is important for you to know here that there is no direct method of monetization on Telegram, but indirectly you can earn a lot of money from here.

Now you do not need much investment to do this Earning, you will be able to do Earning just by copy-pasting, and you do not even need to have a lot of audience to earn money from here.

How to Make Money from Telegram

Now here you should know about those Indirect Methods only then you can earn money from Telegram –

Create Affiliate Store

All of you must have also seen many such channels on Telegram where from time to time deals and offers of E-commerce websites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart and Ajio are shared. We call these the Telegram Affiliate Store.

Now those people who need Deals or Best Offers join those channels and they get good offers from time to time there. On these channels on Telegram, you will get audience on a very big level and you will get a good Subscriber Base.

Whenever the Channel Creator shares any Deal or Offer on that channel, then these audiences buy those Products from their Affiliate Links and it generates Affiliate Commission to those Channels Owners.

create a affiliate store on telegram

Now you can also do this same thing and the advantage of Earning using this method is that you get a lot of audience on Telegram for this because today everyone does online shopping.

Therefore, if you create an Affiliate Store on Telegram in this way, then due to the large audience, your chances of earning more quickly increase.

Create an Education & Study Channel

Even if you create a channel related to Education or Study on Telegram, you will get a lot of traffic here. There are already many channels on Telegram that share educational content and they get traffic in Millions.

On this type of channel, you can give information about a particular exam, share notes or practice questions related to the exam or you can share a PDF book. It means to say that you have to give the content that the audience needs.

With this type of channel, you can earn very well from Affiliate Marketing and promotion. In the case of education, whenever it comes to taking Notes or PDF Books, all students prefer Telegram only.

That’s why you do not need to worry about the audience, but you have to enter here with a complete strategy because the competition has increased everywhere today.

And there is no Minimum Subscribers limit for you to earn money even within this type of Niche. You can start it with a very small level but the more subscribers you have, the more money you can earn.

Share Trading Tips

There are many such channels on Telegram which share Trading Tips of Share Market. They give information about the stock market to the people there and there all their Affiliate or Referrals Links are engaged.

They keep sharing Demat Account Opening Applications from time to time here and these applications provide a very good affiliate commission. And whenever someone does trading by signing up from their link, then they also get the share of Brokerage.

Now you can also implement this strategy at your level, but for this you need to have proper knowledge of the Share market. So if you have good knowledge of share market then you can generate good revenue from Telegram.

There are many methods of earning, but you will have to start it and even after that you search How to make money from Telegram, then you are going in the wrong direction.

HD Wallpapers Downloading Channel

Such channels are becoming very viral on Telegram in today’s time. People need HD Wallpapers for their mobile phones and laptops, that’s why they download these Wallpapers from Telegram.

People make a channel of their own and download Wallpapers from Google and put them on Telegram. Now sharing Wallpapers on Telegram is 100% Legal so you don’t need to worry.

People are able to earn a lot of money from Promotion here and apart from this, they also take the help of Affiliate Marketing to earn.

So if you have a good collection of Wallpapers, then you can grow your audience by coming in this Niche and can earn good money from there.

Movie & Web Series Downloading Channel

This is an illegal method of working but use it, you can grow very quickly. I have seen people who work on this topic and gain 2-3 Million Subscribers on Telegram in a month. You get to see good growth inside this Niche.

Now as we all know that most of us use Telegram to download Movies or Web Series. We search for Movie Downloading Channel on Telegram to watch and download the movies which have not been released yet.

Now it is not legal to do this thing, nor do I recommend this method to you, but many people are doing it, so if you want to try, then you can start it.

Now you are not going to face any problem with the audience because the audience related to Movies and Web Series is full on telegram.

So if you have a collection of movies and you are interested in doing this thing then you can try it. People are earning by using this strategy, that’s why I have told you this.

You can earn by doing promotions of other channels on this type of channel. People charge up to 4-5 thousand rupees for one hour to promote the link of someone’s channel. But you have to always keep Legality in mind.

Public Channel – Private Channel

Public Channel on Telegram is for the public and it can be searched globally but Private Channel is a VIP Channel of sorts.

Now suppose you have a Public Channel and you have gathered a lot of your subscribers on it, then now you can tell those subscribers about your private channel and you can charge money from them for joining it.

You provide them some premium content on this private channel so that they can get the value of their money and if you do this then your private channel can take the form of a brand which you can expand further.

Paid Promotion & Sponsorship

When your channel becomes a big channel i.e. when the Subscribers Base gets bigger on it, then people with small channels get you to promote their channels and for this they pay you a good amount.

By doing this, their channel gets audience and you get money,  that means both are in profit.

Second, after going to a big level, you also get sponsorship of big Apps and Applications here. In this, you get the sponsorship of most Earning Apps.

Now in such a situation, when you promote their apps on your channel, then you can add your Affiliate Link to them as well, that is, now you can earn money in two ways, one company is giving you the money for promotion and second, you have added your Affiliate Link on these apps.

In this way you can tryout this method as well.

Final Words

You can start your Telegram Earning journey with these 7 telegram earning methods. It is expected that your problem with How to Make Money from Telegram must have been solved to some extent.

So friends, you create a telegram channel and do a little hard work on it and you have to copy-paste only in hard work. Therefore, if you invest your time in this, then you will definitely see positive results in this.

Now apart from these there are many other ways to earn money from Telegram but I have told you about the most popular methods.

If you have any question or suggestion related to this article, then definitely tell us through comment. Your Feedback is useful for us.


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