Deep Analysis of IndusInd Bank Platinum RuPay Credit Card

If you are also a fan of Rupay credit card or you want to get the best Rupay credit card, then IndusInd bank has launched a very wonderful credit card for you, whose name is – IndusInd Bank Platinum RuPay Credit Card. IndusInd bank has launched this credit card specifically targeting UPI (Unified payments interface) users. This is the first credit card of IndusInd bank available on Rupay network which comes in the name of Platinum Rupay Credit Card.

IndusInd Bank Platinum RuPay Credit Card Analysis: FinBenz

Now as we all know that the user base of UPI is increasing day by day and in such a situation, if we are able to make payments by linking our credit cards with UPI, then it will become a very convenient process for us. So friends, in this article we will know all the features of this credit card one by one and in the end we will also give you our Verdict which will help you in taking an informed decision about this credit card.

Key features of IndusInd Bank Platinum RuPay Credit Card:

Deep Analysis of IndusInd Bank Platinum RuPay Credit Card:

  Fee And Charges:

If we talk about the fees of this IndusInd Platinum RuPay Credit Card, then no joining and annual fee has to be paid in it, that is, it is a lifetime free RuPay Credit Card. And along with this, the approval rate of this credit card is also quite good. Therefore, if you want to take a Rupay credit card then you can take this credit card.

Reward Points:

If we talk about the reward points of this credit card, then in this you get 2 reward points on every UPI transaction of ₹ 100. If we calculate its value here, we get a value of 0.70%, that is, in a way, you get a value back of 0.70% on your UPI transactions.

Apart from this, if you do Non-UPI transactions with this credit card, then you get 1 reward point for every ₹ 100 on all those transactions. Now if we calculate its value, then the value of 0.35% comes out, that is, you get a value back of 0.35% on all non-UPI and offline spending on this card.

And you do not see any capping on these reward points. You can earn these reward points up to the maximum monthly spending limit provided on this credit card.

Excluded Categories For No Reward Points:

Apart from this, you do not get these reward points on transactions in some categories. These categories are as follows –

  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Insurance Premium Payments
  • Government Services/Charges/Payments
  • Education Institute Fees
  • Real Estate/Rental Payments
  • Fuel Transactions

Now it is not that you can see these excluded categories only in this credit card. Whether you take a credit card of HDFC Bank or SBI Bank, all the banks have created their own excluded categories on which you do not get any reward points. And this list of some banks is much bigger.

Reward Points Redemption:

Whatever reward points you earn by spending from this IndusInd Platinum RuPay Credit Card, you can redeem them on many different platforms and the value of these reward points will also be different on all those platforms.

This credit card provides you the following options for redemption –

  • Indus Moments
  • Airline miles on InterMiles: 1 Reward Point = 1 InterMiles
  • Airline miles on Vistara: 1 Reward Point = 1 CV Points
  • Cash Credit = 1 Reward Point = 0.35 INR
  • Pay with Rewards

As you can see above, if you redeem their reward points in CV points in InterMiles and Vistara, then there you get the value of one reward point equal to 1 Intermile and 1 CV point. But if you convert their reward points into direct cash, then you get to see the value of one reward point at 0.35 INR, which is quite low.

Therefore, it would be better if you book your flights by converting their reward points into Air Miles because there you are provided good value of reward points. But you can redeem only a maximum of 500 reward points in a month on InterMiles and Vistara and this too in multiplication of 100. That means, if you have 425 reward points, you will be able to redeem only 400 reward points and the remaining 25 reward points can be redeemed next month.

Non-Spend Benefits:

Card Insurance Cover:

Unauthorized Transactions in case of loss/stolen card: These provide you insurance cover up to 48 hours before you report the loss of your card to IndusInd Bank.

Counterfeit fraud: It is possible for your card or card details to be stolen and used dishonestly by producing counterfeit plastic. They provide insurance to protect you from such events.

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Travel Insurance cover:

You also get the coverage of travel insurance in this credit card, but this insurance is especially for flight travellers. Therefore, if you are a frequent flight traveler then this benefit can be very useful for you.

Below you have been given all the information related to their travel insurance –

Detailed Information

Air Accident Coverage:

Along with this, you are also given an Air Accident Cover of up to Rs 25 lakh on this Platinum RuPay Credit Card. Click here for more Information

Interest Rate And Hidden Charges:

Although you get this credit card with joining and annual fee of ₹ 0, but if you miss or delay any payment on this credit card, then you may have to pay huge charges. That is why it is said that it is easy to get credit cards but it is difficult to manage them well. Therefore, if you are a student then you should never take any credit card without financial literacy.

Let us now take a look at the charges of this credit card –

Apart from this, if you delay or miss any of their payments, then apart from interest, you also have to pay Late Payment fee on it, which is something like this –

Other Benefits:

Fuel Surcharge Waiver: On this credit card, you get 1% fuel surcharge waiver like all other credit cards. You will get this 1% fuel surcharge waiver only on maximum fuel usage of ₹ 4000 per month, according to which you can make maximum savings of ₹ 480 per month.

Final Words:

Now if we summarize this credit card, you get this credit card with a joining and annual fee of ₹0 and since it is a Rupay credit card, you can also link it with UPI. Apart from this, you also get to see good value of rewards in this credit card. This credit card is even better for travel purpose because in this you get a very good conversion rate of its reward points while booking flights like Vistara. Besides this, the approval rate of this card is also very good.

The biggest drawback of this credit card is that it does not provide you any lounge access facility. Now, since this is a lifetime free credit card, we will not consider this feature very important. If you do not have any Rupay credit card then you can apply for this credit card and apart from this there are other best Rupay credit cards available which you can consider.


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