HDFC Xpressway: Know everything about HDFC’s new feature

Friends, if you are a customer of HDFC Bank, then HDFC Bank has launched a very good service for its users, using which you will become a pro user of HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank has launched a new service named HDFC Xpressway for its users, about which we are going to know in detail today in this article.

What is HDFC Xpressway?

HDFC Xpressway is a new service launched by HDFC Bank for its customers, with the help of which you can check all the Pre-Approved offers related to your HDFC account like Best Credit Cards of HDFC Bank, Pre Approved Loans and Insurances etc. If we talk about how till now you were able to check all the Pre-Approved of your HDFC Bank, for this, some users were able to check the Pre-Approved Offers related to their account by visiting the offline branch and avail the offer which they found suitable for themselves.

Apart from this, some people used to check their pre-approved offers by logging into their net banking, but there was an issue in net banking that whether you have pre-approved offers or not, it was not known exactly. But with the help of this new feature of HDFC Xpressway, you can easily know which new offers are available on your account in one click and whether they are Pre-Approved offers or not, you can also check them easily from here.

Let us know how to use HDFC Xpressway and what are the features you get to see in it –

How to use HDFC Xpressway?

  • To use this new feature of HDFC Bank, first of all you have to visit the official website of HDFC and you will see the shining HDFC Xpressway button on its home page itself and if you do not see this button on its home page, then you will see this option when you hover your mouse over the Login button at the top right side.
HDFC Xpressway:
  • Now a new page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter your registered mobile number and date of birth in HDFC Bank and then click on Get OTP.
HDFC Xpressway: Know everything about HDFC's new feature
  • After this, an OTP will come on your mobile number by which you have to verify it by entering it.

After this, you will see all the offers from HDFC Bank which are available on your account. Here you can take advantage of all the offers given to you by choosing any of them because here you are shown the same offers from HDFC Bank for which you are eligible.

HDFC Xpressway Offers

Here, on which offer you get Pre-approved mention, you can apply that service in one click because here you are shown Pre-Approved offers based on your bank account and your bank account history. And you can apply for the offer on which Pre-Approved Mention is not done, but that application will be completely reviewed by the Bank’s team and if everything is found correct, then your application is approved.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Apply

Now here the question must be running in the mind of some people that those who are not HDFC Bank customers, can they also take advantage of this service?

Here we would like to tell you that both HDFC Customers and Non-HDFC Customers can take advantage of this new HDFC Xpressway service of HDFC Bank. But as I have told you that here you can see only those offers which are available to you, so Non-HDFC customers will see the same offers here which are available to a new customer by HDFC Bank.

For example, Non-HDFC customers can get to see some offers like this – Open a Savings Account of your choice instantly, Check your Personal Loan eligibility now, Check your Business Loan eligibility now, etc.

HDFC Xpressway Offers

HDFC Xpressway Additional Features:

Apart from all these, many more features are provided to you here, which will make your HDFC Bank journey even more beautiful. Here, along with the above offers, you will also see an option of Insta Services, by clicking on which you can manage and track many other services related to HDFC Bank. Inside Insta Service also you have been given two types of options in which they have categorized all their facilities and services.

In this, you are provided with two categories named Services and Explore, in which different services have been provided to you. Here you can directly access a lot of features related to your bank account. For example, in the category of Services, you can manage many more services like PAN Updation, Address Change, Update Nominee, Check Book Request, Re-KYC, Request For Loans in your account from here.

HDFC Xpressway

And in the category of Explore, you can manage services like HDFC Net Banking, Shop Smarter With Smartbuy, Mobile Banking, Whatsapp Banking, Payzapp.

HDFC Xpressway

Overall, this new service of HDFC Expressway launched by HDFC Bank is going to be very beneficial for the people. Now people will not have to visit different sites to know about their offers, they will get all the facilities at one place easily.


How secure is it to provide my identity proof and bank details on XpressWay?

Rest assured, XpressWay is a platform owned by HDFC Bank, guaranteeing the utmost security for your data. HDFC Xpressway collect only the essential information required for customer identification, such as your PAN Card, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your credit card and they never request sensitive information like ATM PINs, passwords, or complete account numbers, ensuring your safety.

What services are available through the HDFC Bank XpressWay channel?

The HDFC Bank XpressWay channel offers a wide range of services, including:
Apply for Loans: Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Two-Wheeler Loans, Loans Against Credit Cards, Business Loans
Enjoy Credit Card Services: Apply for a new card, request limit enhancements and upgrades, set standing instructions, and more
Open an Account: Instant Savings Account opening
Make Investments: Book Fixed Deposits and much more


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