Kotak PVR Inox Credit Card Out Now: Get Unlimited Movie Tickets

Recently, Kotak Bank has launched a new credit card Kotak PVR Inox Credit Card for movie lovers, which provides you amazing rewards and discounts on PVR Inox movie tickets. This credit card provides you the facility of getting unlimited PVR INOX movie tickets for free. In this article, we will know all the features and benefits of this card in detail, after which you can easily guess whether this credit card is useful for you or not.

The New Kotak PVR Inox Credit Card: Movie Lovers Rejoice!

Key features of Kotak PVR Inox Credit Card:

Kotak PVR Inox Credit Card Detailed Explanation!

Joining and Annual Fee:

You get this credit card with a joining fee of zero rupees but you have to pay its annual fee of ₹ 499 and they have not set any criteria for waiving off its annual fee. That means you will have to pay the annual fee of this credit card.

To get this credit card, your minimum age should be 18 years and maximum age should be 65 years. They have not mentioned any details related to income proof or salary anywhere, but even if your monthly salary is Rs 10 to 15 thousand, you will easily get this credit card.

Movies Benefits:

Milestone Benefit:

When you spend ₹ 10000 from your PVR Inox Credit Card in one statement billing cycle, then on achieving this milestone you get a free PVR INOX movie ticket. These earned movie tickets are also called M-Coupons. But the maximum value of any movie ticket or M-Coupon you earn here will be only ₹ 300. Therefore, if the ticket of a movie on PVR INOX is ₹ 500 and you use this M-Coupon there, then you will have to pay the remaining ₹ 200 from your side.

But you can earn as many movie tickets or M-Coupons as you want, there is no capping on them. For every ₹ 10,000 spent, you will get 1 ticket, similarly if you spend ₹ 20,000 with this credit card, you will get two movie tickets, each worth ₹ 300.

But here you should keep in mind that if you do transactions related to your Rent Payment or wallet reloading with this credit card, then this amount will not be counted in your monthly expenses for these free movie tickets.

Along with this, when you earn these movie tickets or M-Coupons in a month, then within two months you will have to claim them by visiting Kotak Bank’s mobile application or their official website, otherwise they will expire.

Here, when you redeem these M-Coupons on Kotak Bank’s website or app, it provides you an M-Coupon Code in which its issue date and validity date are also mentioned and you get two more months validity to redeem this code at PVR INOX theaters or website.

That means, once you have to redeem these movie tickets on Kotak Bank’s website or app from where you get M Coupon Code for which you also get a validity of two months and after this you have to redeem these M Coupons codes again by visiting PVR INOX’s website/app or their Theaters and for this also you are given a maximum validity of two months. The process to redeem is explained below.

Discounts On Movie Tickets

If you purchase movie tickets from PVR INOX’s website or app or by visiting their theater with this credit card, you will get a discount of 5% every time. That is, apart from the above mentioned movie ticket worth ₹ 300 which you are getting as Milestone benefit, you also get this benefit that you will get a discount of 5% on whatever transaction you do related to movies on their app or website or in their theater.

Discounts On Food and Beverages

When you order food in PVR INOX theaters with this credit card, you get a discount of 20% on it. And here also you do not see any capping.

Late Payment Charges:

Other Benefits:

On this credit card, you get free access to PVR INOX Lounges, but you will have to pay separately for whatever goods you purchase there.

Now, as we had already told you that this credit card has been specially designed for the movie lovers of PVR INOX, hence you do not get any benefit apart from the movie offers in this credit card. You do not get any reward points on any online or offline spend on this Kotak PVR Inox Credit Card.

Therefore, if you are fond of movies, then you can consider this credit card, otherwise there are many other credit cards that give good rewards and cashback on online and offline spends like SBI Cashback credit Card, Federal Scapia Credit Card etc.

Apart from this, today you can also consider Rupay Credit Cards in which you get to see many different features.

How To Claim Movie Tickets (M-Coupons):

Redeeming Your M-Coupons (Movie Tickets) on the Kotak Mobile App:

  • Log in to the Kotak Mobile App
  • Go to the Credit Card Overview section
  • Select your PVR INOX Kotak Credit Card
  • Choose “Unlock PVR INOX Coupons” and enter the eligible month
  • View and get the M-Coupons valid for that month
  • Check the validity period of the M-Coupons

Using M-Coupons to Book Movie Tickets in PVR INOX App or Website:

  • Log in to the PVR App or Website
  • Select your movie, show time, and seats
  • Choose “PVR Exclusives” and select M-Coupon option
  • Enter the last 5 digits of your mobile number and Kotak Credit Card
  • Input your Coupon Code(s) and click “Make Payment”
  • Pay any remaining balance using your Kotak Credit Card
  • Applicable taxes must be paid during booking
  • One M-Coupon can redeem one movie ticket up to Rs. 300 value

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