21 Real Ways to Make Money from Home for Students and Others

Friends, all the students want that along with their studies, they can also generate some extra income on Part Time Bases so that they can pay their studies and other expenses automatically. They are keen to know about some such ways by which they can work from their home and generate some extra income. That’s why today in this article I am going to tell you about 21 real ways to make money from home, on which if you initially work as a student diligently on part time basis then later you can make it like a business. Treat yourself and choose it as your career.

This article is for those students or those people who have the courage to do something in life and they do not want to waste their extra time, rather they want to use that extra time and they want to gain experience and earn money along with their studies.

Real Ways to Make Money from Home

Most of the methods I am going to tell you, you can start them without investment and also all these Real Ways to Make Money from Home have a very strong scope in future because all these methods have been found keeping the future in mind.

Today is the era of technology, so the options to earn money in the market are also very much available, but in most of these ways, man cheats because many scammers also take advantage of this technology and they cheat people in the name of Make Money Online. Now people also get attracted towards those scammers and the reason for getting attracted is that they tell about earning quick money in their offers, how they earn 1000 rupees in one click or spin, they tell about it.

Now those who think of earning instant money without doing any hard work, then fraud will definitely happen with them. That’s why I am going to tell you only about those methods which are Genuine and which can really benefit you but of course you will have to work hard.

What is the purpose of these 21 real ways to make money from home?

From these options, you have to select only one option and you should choose only that method which will work for you even today and will also work in future. The purpose of all these methods is that –

  1. You Can Make Money
  2. Get Experience
  3. You should get knowledge of your work
  4. You have money in your bank by the time you complete your studies
  5. And after the completion of studies, if you want, you can start with a good job or you can start your own business.

Let us now know those 21 real ways by which you can earn money by developing your skills from your home –

21 Real ways to make money from home for students and others


Many small and big companies get their work done by online freelancers to avoid hiring an employer in their office and to avoid his seat cost, laptop cost and many more expenses and that person stays at his home. He does it for which those companies give him good money. This process is called Freelancing.

With freelancing, people work from home, so that companies give them projects and when they complete those projects in return those companies give them money. In Freelancing, you are not Tied Up with any company, nor are you an Employee of anyone, rather the Companies themselves approach you and give you work. I would like to tell you that the Freelancing Industry is going to be 20 to 30 Billion Dollars by 2025. That is why its scope is very large.

Freelancing you can do a lot of things. In this, you can sell any of your skills online such as – Video Editing, Graphic Designer, Painting, Data Entry etc. Therefore, to do freelancing, you have to be expert in one of your skills. You can do freelancing with the help of many big websites like Fiverr, Hubstaff, Freelancer and Upwork. All you have to do is create a profile of yourself on these websites, after that companies will start approaching you automatically.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant means that you are assisting someone in his work through phone and internet sitting at home. When someone is not able to give time to the rest of his official work due to any of his business. And for this, he cannot keep a Full Time Employee, so at that time he hires an online Virtual Assistant to complete his work.

In this, you get a lot to learn because the person you are helping has a lot of knowledge so that you get to learn a lot from him as well as he will share a lot of his experiences with you. You can also choose in which field you want to assist him such as Admin, Operations, Calling, and Social Media Handling etc.

The Freelancing Websites that I have told you above, which are as follows, you can sell any of your skills online on Fiverr, Hubstaff-Talent, Freelancer, and Upwork. These websites are quite popular and trusted websites. Therefore, whatever methods I am going to tell you in this entire article, you can start all of them by creating a profile of yourself on these websites. Try that you sell only one skill in one profile.

You can apply As a Virtual Assistant on any one of these websites and start your Earning.

Online Tuitions

If you are also good at something that you can teach juniors, then you can give them Online Tuitions. Online Education is going to become a 320+ Billion Dollar Industry in the next few years. Because at the time of lockdown, people have done it more because it is also cheaper than Physical Tuitions and more effective than them.

It starts from a small level, but later on it assumes a very big form. You must also know many such teachers who are earning good money by teaching online today. Therefore, if you also have any such education that you can give to people, then you must give Online Tuitions.

Video Influencer

As we all know that today’s video content is growing very fast. The reason behind the rapid growth of video content in our India is that

  1. There is a lot of population in our country.
  2. Mobile Phones is spreading fast
  3. internet is cheapest in our country

Because of these reasons video content is spreading so much today. Everyone likes to watch videos of something better than to read about it. A very large percentage of internet consumption goes to videos. Now you have to decide that you can make a video of what is related to your Subject, Skill and Hobby.

In these videos you can cover some such content like –

  1. You can teach cooking
  2. Related to Biology
  3. You can teach any specific subject of the school
  4. You can show your Art and Craft
  5. You can show Gardening
  6. You can teach an instrument

That is, whatever comes to you, you can teach that to the people through videos. From this you will get a lot to learn. With this you will gain Knowledge and Experiences so that you can build your business further.


If you do not want to bring your face forward nor do you want to speak in front of people, but you want to share your knowledge with people by writing, then you can do blogging. By blogging, you can reach your knowledge in the form of articles to the people.

Blogging is basically a website on which you post your content and then those articles or pages rank in the search engine. When traffic starts coming to your website, then you can earn money in many ways like

  1. Ad Revenue
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Post
  4. Guest Post
  5. Backlink
  6. Reviews

Competition is a bit high inside blogging and it is a time-consuming task, so you have to work with patience in it, but when you start earning from it, you can earn a lot of money from it as well. To get complete information about blogging, you can visit Mahakalblog/blogging.


You can also become an intern. Many companies, professionals and startups need interns. It can be in Accountancy, it can be in Designing, it can be in Digital Marketing and it can be in Sales also.

There are many types of companies that regularly hire interns. You can go to a website like INTERNSHALA and you can apply for internship related to your skill and profile and submit your profile there.

Affiliate Marketing

When people buy a product or service at your request or from a link shared by you, then you get some commission from it, which we call Affiliate Marketing.

You tell people about a product on your blog, website, video or social media and when people purchase it, you get an Affiliate Commission. This Affiliate Commission depends on your product or service.

You can do affiliate marketing of Digital Products, EBooks and Online Courses. In whatever field you have interest, you can do affiliate marketing of related products from that field. All you have to do is select the product and after that join an Affiliate Program and start marketing that product.

There are many Affiliate Programs available in the market today that you can join and they give you a very good commission. Some Affiliate Programs are as follows – vCommission, Fiverr, Clickbank and Impact Radius etc.

Google Ads

This option is for those who are interested in Digital Field. You must know how important sales and marketing are for every business because this is where their revenue comes.

There is a sense to say that Businesses want to come online but they are not able to come. So in this way you can become an Expert of Google Ads. You can learn about Google Ads online and you can give your service to people.

You can do freelancing for companies through Google Ads and you can run ads for them. If you want, you can have a lot in this. Once you become successful in this field then you can charge good money for it.

Facebook Business Expert

There are many things inside Facebook that you can learn and earn good money. Facebook has many options that you can learn like-

  1. You can understand Facebook Business Manager
  2. You can learn how Ads are run on Facebook and Instagram
  3. You can understand Facebook Marketing and Sales
  4. How to Generate Revenue from Facebook Pages
  5. How Facebook Leads Are Generated?

You can learn any of these things related to Facebook and you can give its service to the people. Always keep one thing in mind that the one who knows how to sell never dies of hunger.

You can learn in a digital way how digitally products are sold. Once you become an Ads Expert, you can keep Interns and Employees under you and create your own Digital Agency.

Video Marketer

As we all know and we have also talked about it above that how fast the videos are spreading. People are consuming more videos as compared to text.

Now companies also know this, so they want to do marketing of their company or product through videos, but they do not know how to do video marketing through videos? So if you know how to do marketing through video, you can help those companies and you can become a video marketer.

But if you do not know how Video Marketer is made and what is done inside it, then you can learn it through internet. Inside Video Marketer you learn that

  • How the Videos are made
  • How are Resources Added to Videos
  • How a video is advertised
  • How the video is distributed on the internet

Friends, these are all the real ways to make money from Home.

Translation Service

If you know any regional language well then you can provide translation service to people. Many companies and brands want to get their content translated into other languages. They want their website to be made in Tamil and Gujarati and they want to get their Ads and EBooks translated into other languages.

So if you have command over any regional language, then you must give translation service to the people. You can also do freelancing for translation service and you can sell your service to the people.

With this service, you can provide Translation Service to many Businesses.

Network Marketing

There are many such companies in network marketing that have made people’s lives and in network marketing there are many such companies which have done harm to people.

If your interest is in business, finance, money and products, then you can join any good network market company.

You will get a lot to learn in this like –

  1. How to talk to the people
  2. How People Are Approached
  3. How the relation is built
  4. How Products Work
  5. How Supply Chain Works

You will get all this knowledge from here. I definitely believe that Network Marketing has a big role to play in providing training from village to village, but these companies have taught people to dream and also taught people to fulfill their dreams.

But before joining any company, do research about it well, that company should be legal and its future should also be good.


If you like to sell, then you can take goods from Wholesale and sell them online on websites like Amazon and Flipkart. This is called Reselling.

People are already doing this thing and they are earning good money by reselling from home. There are so many people around you who do online shopping. E-commerce is growing continuously.

According to a research, by 2026 only the e-commerce industry in India will be 300 Billion Dollar. That’s why by becoming a reseller, you can also get a part of this amount.

App Development

This option is for those who are interested in Tech. Those who are studying Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT), and Electronics Communication (EC) can start this App Development work.

Today every person has a mobile phone and there are many apps installed on that mobile phone. We all know that today mobile apps are used by everyone. Every brand, every business and every professional is trying to understand how they can make their app and already these apps are being made.

By teaching App Development skill, you can give freelancing service of App Development to many companies because they need App Developers and you can do App Development sitting at your home.

If you do not have complete learning on it, then you can learn it well first because its future is quite bright.

Web Development

This method is also similar to the last option. You build a website in this. All companies want to build their website along with their apps because now everything has shifted online.

Today every business wants to come online because every business gets a different identity by coming online and its sales also increase. It’s easy to learn.

You can learn it online and offline from any institute and after that you can provide your service to the people by creating your profile on Freelancing Sites.

You can expand this skill further, as along with web development, you can also do software development. In the future, its scope is also very big. So if you have interest in this niche, then definitely think about it once.

Meme Marketing

If you do not have interest in tech but you are creative and you are fond of digital then you can do meme marketing. Many Brands, Companies, TV Series and Channels reach the people through Memes.

mems example image

Memes are a light way to advertise yourself and to make your brand reach the people. That’s why Meme Marketing is growing slowly. Do you know that Meme Marketing has proper agencies?

If you are interested in this kind of thing that it can be creative, digital as well, related to social media and want to learn about modern things, then you can also do it freelancing.

But I want to tell you once again that to stay clean and run long, minimize the use of shortcuts.

Content Writing

If you are good at writing, good at expressing in written and your communication is good then you can become a content writer.

Content Writers are needed for creating many websites, for advertising, for marketing and for blogging. That’s why you can learn Content Writing sitting at home and give your service to the people.

The demand for Content Writers is increasing day by day and it also gets good money. People also charge Rs 5000 for a 500 word article. But the price will be based on the quality of your content, which you can improve with practice and learning.

Copy Writing

For those who are good at writing and expressing, there is another option, Copy Writing. There is a slight difference between Content Writing and Copy Writing which you can understand.

Content Writing is User Oriented, has long content and is written keeping the user in mind, whereas Copy Writing Content is used for Advertising and Generating Leads and Sales. In copy writing content, an Emotion is triggered in less words and its point is conveyed to the people.

Copy Writing is also an art that you can start learning and gradually you can achieve expertise in it. The more you learn it, the more you will be able to increase your content’s fees. People charge up to 15000 for writing a one-page email. Now you can think that how much is the earning potential in this.

You can also reach this service to people through Freelancing. In this article, I have told you all the ways related to Freelancing, you can do freelancing of them all on trusted websites like Freelancer, Hubstaff-Talent, Upwork and Fiverr.

Graphic Designer

You can also provide services to people like Logo making, Graphic and Designs. You can also do all these things from home. This is also an option that companies keep looking for freelancers.

Now the work of Graphic Designing and Logo Maker is not done daily, so companies keep Full Time Employer very less for this, they get it done through Freelancers only.

Many companies keep needing it on regular bases, for which they find Online Freelancers. So you don’t need to worry about orders.

You can also learn this skill online and make your own expertise in it.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping A Whole Seller has product stores and you put those products on your website or store and keep a profit on it.

After this people take those products and you forward it to the whole seller and he delivers the product to the people. You get your profit as soon as the product is delivered.

In Drop Shipping, you sell the product, but you do not have to keep the product with you and neither do the courier have a headache nor are you worried about logistics.

Social Media Influencer

You can become a Social Media Influencer also. You can become an Influencer of Social Media Platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

In this also you can build any category, any topic or your personal brand and there you can create a page, create a handle of Instagram. You can become an Influencer of Social Media Platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

We all know that going forward Social Media and Digital consumption has to increase. Everything has come inside the mobile phone and business is growing inside the phone itself and will continue to happen like this in future also.

That’s why you can take advantage of this opportunity by becoming a Social Media Influencer.

Final Words

First of all, salute and Congratulations to all those who have read this article completely because if you have read this article completely then you must be serious about your life otherwise there is a lot on the internet to see but you have read this article.

Friends, all the ways that I have told you are the Real Ways to Make Money from Home. But one thing you have to keep in mind that you do not have to be distracted in them, but you have to diversify.

Your main purpose should be not just earning but Learning. In this you have to take maximum experience and also take advantage of time.

Distract means we have gone astray, we have run behind money. We have not seen whether it has any future or not and whether it is correct or not.

Diversify means that if we are studying and we are getting some extra time, then we are also using it in such a way that it will help in fulfilling our career, business and our dreams in the coming time.

Then only we will be able to support our family and this world. That’s why you do not have to be distracted, but you have to diversify.

If you like this information, then definitely share it and if you have any question or suggestion in your mind, then definitely give us your feedback.


ALL articles on this website are written for informational purposes only, it does not have the intention of defaming any company or service. The information presented has been shared on the basis of its knowledge and experience. That's why before having full faith in the information, do research at your level.

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