SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card: All Benefits and Utility Analyzed

In this article, we are going to talk about SBI Bank’s IRCTC Rupay Credit Card, in which we will know about all the features and benefits of this credit card. This credit card of SBI is a co-branded credit card with IRCTC and this card comes with Rupay Card Network, so you can also link it with your UPI app.

SBI IRCTC RuPay Credit Card stands as a promising financial tool in the area of travel and expenses, targeting frequent travellers, especially those who are heavily dependent on Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) services.

Primarily designed to enhance the travel experience for railway enthusiasts and frequent IRCTC users, this credit card assures a range of benefits for this segment. These features include special rewards and cashback offers on train ticket booking through IRCTC website and app.

Additionally, it extends its benefits beyond just train travel, covering areas such as dining, shopping and utility bill payments, aligning with the diverse lifestyle needs of its users.

The objective of this review is to delve deeper into the specifications of the SBI IRCTC RuPay Credit Card, examining its distinctive features, benefits, associated costs and overall suitability for potential users.

Key Features Of SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card:

Detailed Analysis of the SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card:

Fee and Welcome Benefit:

This IRCTC credit card of SBI is given to you with a joining fee of ₹ 500 and annual fee of ₹ 300. Till now SBI Bank has not declared any amount to waive off the annual fee of this credit card, hence you cannot get the annual charge of this credit card waived off based on your spend.

Is SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card Really Useful For You

In this credit card you are given a welcome benefit of 350 reward points. But to avail these welcome reward points, you will have to do a single transaction of ₹ 500 from your credit card within 45 days of card activation. Only then will you be eligible for this welcome benefit. Here the value of one reward point is equal to ₹ 1.

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Now if you are paying a joining fee of ₹ 500 for this SBI IRCTC Credit Card, then in return it returns you reward points of ₹ 350.

Along with this, if you withdraw any cash within 30 days after activation of this credit card, you will get a cashback of ₹ 100.

Non Spending Benefits:

In this credit card you get access to 4 complimentary railway lounges in a year (1 per quarter). Now, as this credit card is made especially for railway passengers, you will also get lounges from the railway station itself. In this credit, you are given free access to 1 Railway Lounge in the quarter. In these lounges you generally get the following types of facilities –

  • Two hours of lounge stay
  • A/C comfortable seating arrangements
  • 1 Buffet meal- Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner as per the time of visit.
  • Unlimited tea & coffee
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Newspaper and Magazine

Till now you can find these railway lounges at 5 stations which are mentioned below –

Spend Based Benefits:

  1. In this credit card, you are given 1 reward point for every online/offline spending of ₹ 125. But you are not given any reward points on fuel related and cash withdrawal transactions. This offer is also valid on ticket booking transactions on IRCTC app and website.
  2. This SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card provides you upto 10% cashback on AC1, AC2, AC3 and Chair Car tickets on IRCTC app or website. Now as it is mentioned here that here you get cashback up to 10%, that is, here they have applied the condition that when will you get what percentage of cashback?
    • Here they have specified some dates in which if you book a ticket between 1st April to 14th July and 16th Sep to 14 Jan, then you get 4 Reward Points for every ₹100 that means, here you get cashback of 4%.
    • And if you book tickets between 15th Jan to 31st March and 15th July to 15th Sep, then you get 10 Reward Points for every ₹ 100, that is, here you get 10% cashback.
  3. If you normally book tickets through any credit card through IRCTC website or app, then you have to pay an extra charge of about 1.8%. But if you book your ticket through this SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card, then you will get 1% discount on this charge.
    • So here we will not consider this feature too much because since it is a co-branded credit card with IRCTC, you should have got its full benefits at least on IRCTC. In this credit card, your entire charge of 1.8% should have been waived off instead of 1%.

Reward Redemption:

You can use all the reward points you earn through this SBI IRCTC Credit Card to purchase your tickets on the IRCTC app or website. And here the value of your 1 reward point is equal to Rs 1.

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Final Words:

This co-branded credit card of SBI Bank can prove beneficial for you in many ways. As this card comes with Rupay network, you also get the facility to link it with UPI and you also get good discounts on high class tickets on the IRCTC platform. Moreover, during periodic offers on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon, using any SBI credit card often leads to discounts ranging from 5% to 10%. In such cases, this credit card can also provide you with substantial benefits..

Now talking about the cons of this credit card, there are two things that decrease the value of this credit card, the first of which is the non-spend based reversal of its annual fee and the second is not getting any good offer on ordinary tickets on the IRCTC app. Mainly, these are the two biggest minus points of this credit card which we feel that perhaps SBI will definitely consider it in the future.

At the end of it all, we would like to say that if this credit card is being offered by SBI Bank or if you currently do not possess any credit card and wish to acquire a Rupay Credit Card, then you can consider this credit card.


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