Unlocking the All Exclusive Benefits of HDFC SmartBuy

Friends, we have discussed HDFC SmartBuy in all our HDFC Credit Cards articles. So today in this article we will know in detail what is HDFC SmartBuy and on which cards the benefits of this platform are available and how can you use the Smart Buy platform?

What is HDFC SmartBuy?

HDFC SmartBuy stands as an online platform and mobile application proudly presented by HDFC Bank, one of India’s preeminent private sector banks. Its primary mission is to furnish HDFC Bank patrons with an effortlessly comprehensive shopping voyage. The spectrum of offerings under HDFC SmartBuy encompasses an array of services and attributes such as online shopping, travel reservations, gift vouchers, bill settlement, enticing EMI propositions, the accumulation of reward points, as well as opportunities in insurance and investments. Notably, it extends a bouquet of exclusive deals and promotions.

At its core, HDFC SmartBuy endeavours to be the ultimate destination for HDFC Bank customers, catering to their multifaceted shopping and financial requisites. Simultaneously, it entices and incentivizes users to leverage HDFC Bank’s suite of products and services. It’s worth noting that the specific array of features and offerings within HDFC SmartBuy may evolve over time.

You can do primarily two things with HDFC SmartBuy – firstly, you can book hotels or flights from SmartBuy and secondly, you can go shopping on any other platform through this platform. And along with this, you can also purchase gift vouchers of many brands from here. Doing all this gives you extra reward points and cashback. Here you can also book flights or hotels using your rewards points. Now we will know about everything in details later in the article.

How does HDFC SmartBuy work?

You can book hotels and flights from the HDFC Smart Buy homepage itself and this entire process is being done directly from the Smart Buy platform itself.

Flights booking on HDFC Smartbuy

But if you book a hotel or flight through MakeMyTrip, you are redirected to the MakeMyTrip website. Now after redirecting, you get extra reward points and cashback from Smart Boy on whatever flights or hotels you book through MakeMyTrip. And there are many such brands listed here on which if you shop after being redirected through Smart Buy, then you get to earn extra reward points and cashback.

For example, if you want to shop through Flipkart through Smart Boy, then you will click on Shop – Flipkart. After this you are redirected to the official website of Flipkart. After this you can log in to your Flipkart account and do shopping and earn extra cashback. But you have to keep in mind here that when you shop through SmartBuy through Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra or any e-commerce site, then no product or item should be already saved in your cart and if this happens, then you will only get the default reward points, you will not get any points from SmartBuy. And complete your transaction in one session.

Right now this question will be in your mind whether unlimited cashback or reward points are available through SmartBuy on these HDFC Bank credit cards? Now the answer to this question is no. Below you can see in the list how many reward points are offered by merchants or stores on which credit cards –

But here you have to keep in mind that the merchants and stores present in this list keep changing from time to time and the number of points you get also keeps changing. So if you always want to get up to date information about these reward points and merchants, then you can visit the official page of SmartBuy smartbuy.hdfcbank.com/offer_details.

Now HDFC Bank has imposed a cap on these reward points and cashback as to how much you can earn monthly and daily maximum, which you can see below. The capping of these reward points and cashback also keeps changing, so you can visit the same page to see their updated information.

Gift Vouchers

Along with this, you can also get vouchers from many brands from here on which you get extra reward points over the default reward points. Here you can buy gift vouchers of all popular brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Swiggy, Zomato, Domino’s and Sony Liv and many more.

Gift Vouchers on HDFC SmarBuy

When you click on a gift voucher of any of these brands, you are redirected to a website called Gyftr.com. This is a Tie-Up brand to purchase gift vouchers of HDFC Bank, from where you can purchase whatever gift voucher you want.

Here, this platform also has the advantage that whichever brand of vouchers you want to purchase, you get to know right there how much cashback or extra reward points you get on which credit card. For that you have to first select any one of your brands from here and after that a window will open in front of you from where you can check all this.

Purchase a Flipkart Gift Voucher On HDFc Smartbuy

Flights Booking Through Reward Points:

You can book your flights right from the home page of SmartBuy. For this you have to choose your destination and after that you have to select the mode of trip whether you want to book the ticket only for one way or want to book the ticket for Round Trip. In which you book your return ticket also.

After this, based on your timing, destination and trip mode, you are shown the list of flights from all the popular travel agencies like EaseMyTrip, MakeMyTrip, Yatra and Cleartrip.

Unlocking the All Exclusive Benefits of HDFC SmartBuy

You can book any of these flights as per your wish and you can also do customization as per your choice here like whether you want morning or evening flight, flights with stops in between or non-stop etc.

When you reach the payment page for your flight, there you get the option to make payment with your reward points. But you have to keep in mind that you can pay only 70% of your flight through reward points and the remaining 30% will have to be paid through your card only. Now, no matter which credit card you are booking the flight with, in every situation you can pay only 70% of your payment through reward points, 30% will have to be paid through your card only. This is its own rule of HDFC Bank.

Now as we told you earlier, you get extra reward points when you book flights through SmartBuy. If you want to earn extra reward points through Smart Boy using HDFC Infinia or any credit card, then for that you will have to make all the payment for your flight through your card only, only then you will be eligible to earn extra points.



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