Differences Between Digilocker And mParivahan: Which is More Secure

In today’s digital age, we’re blessed with choices that make our lives easier. When it comes to managing your important documents, the question arises: which is better Digilocker or mParivahan? These two platforms have taken the hassle out of paperwork and brought everything to our fingertips. In this article, we’ll dive into a detailed comparison of Digilocker and mParivahan, helping you figure out which one suit you best. 

We’ll explore their features, benefits, and how they integrate with official records. So, if you’re wondering about the right choice for seamless document management, keep reading to find out more about Digilocker and mParivahan and make an informed decision.

Friends, whenever you take your car on the road, then at that time you need to keep all the documents related to your car and if you do not have all the documents related to your vehicle when caught by the traffic police on the road, then your challan can also be deducted, even if all those documents are correct.

Now the question arises here whether we need to carry all the papers of our vehicle with us or not, otherwise the answer is no. Because under Digital India, from two such official apps of the government, if your documents are found attached, then the RTO officer or the traffic police can leave you. That is, there you do not need to show physical copy or hard copy of your documents.

And anyway, we know that the physical copy of the documents that we have can be lost anywhere, but once the ID is created in these apps in the smart phone, all your documents remain safe. You can see them anywhere by logging in with your mobile number on any smartphone. And anyway we can forget our documents, we can never forget our smartphone and even if we forget by mistake, we can show our documents by login to anyone’s smart phone with our mobile number.

Now there are two most popular and authorized apps in which you can safely store your documents – mParivahan and Digilocker.

Differences Between Digilocker And mParivahan

Which Is Better Digilocker or mParivahan?

Now we are going to discuss about which app is best for you out of these two applications, because there is not much difference between these two apps but you can see some minor differences between these two apps which affect the importance of these two apps. First of all we talk about Digilocker –


Digilocker is such a digital wallet, you can store all your documents inside it. You get multiple document saving options inside Digilocker.

This user-friendly service, endorsed by the Government of India, allows users to store important documents such as Aadhaar cards, driver’s licence, educational certificates, and more in a single digital repository. 

Differences Between Digilocker And mParivahan

By eliminating the need for physical copies, Digilocker not only helps reduce clutter but also ensures easy access to these documents anytime, anywhere. This innovative solution aligns seamlessly with the nation’s digital transformation drive and empowers users to go paperless, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing overall efficiency. 

How to Add Documents in Digilocker?

But you should never understand that saving the document here means that you have to upload the image of your document in it. When you add any of your documents in both mParivahan and Digilocker apps, at that time it fetches the details of that document from the official server and shows it on its own server. After fetching the details, it will show all the details including the validity of that document on its server. If we say this complete statement in brief, then real time data of documents is shown in both mParivahan and Digilocker apps. This is the reason why the documents present in both these apps are considered real.

For example, if you want to add your driving license in it, then for that you have to enter your DL number in it. After this, after verifying with OTP, it will pick up all the information of your DL from your RTO server and will show it on its server and whether your DL is active or not will also be shown there.

Adding your documents to Digilocker is a simple process. For this, you have to fill-up the details of any document you want to add here, after that it will automatically fetch that document and start showing it on its server.

Along with this, it will also automatically suggest you whom document you should add first. Try to keep all your documents inside it because it will give you many benefits.


mParivahan is a revolutionary digital platform that offers individuals in India a hassle-free way to access and manage their vehicle-related documents. Backed by the Government of India, this user-centric app allows users to carry their driving licences and vehicle registration certificates conveniently on their smartphones. With features like real-time vehicle information and e-challan updates, mParivahan empowers users to stay compliant with traffic regulations and ensure their driving documentation is always at their fingertips. 

Embracing the digital age, mParivahan is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to streamline their vehicle-related administrative tasks, contributing to a smarter and more connected future on the road.

How to Add Documents in mParivahan?

The method of adding your documents inside mParivahan is similar to the method of adding your documents in Digilocker. You have to enter the details of any document you want to add here and after verifying it through OTP, the real time data of that document will be displayed on its server.

Here we found the best thing about this application is that you only have to give your vehicle or RC number for the necessary documents of your vehicle and it will show your PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificates), Fitness, Insurance related detail on mParivahan, like many other information together. You do not need to add separate documents for all of these.

Documents Detail in mParivahan App

Due to this, if ever a traffic policeman or any RTO officer asks you for the papers of your vehicle, then you can show them all these papers together by logging in your mParivahan app and all these documents are valid inside mParivahan.

Differences Between Digilocker And mParivahan App?

In Digilocker you can add all types of your documents like Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Driving License, Education Certificates but mParivahan app is specially designed for vehicle related documents only. That’s why you can add only documents related to your vehicle in the mParivahan app.

In Digilocker you have to add the entire documents one by one but in mParivahan app you have to give only RC (Registration Certificate) number of your vehicle after that it automatically fetches all the details related to your vehicle, in which you get all the information related to the challan of your vehicle here.

Inside the mParivahan app, you do not have to show the documents one by one, you just have to go to your RC dashboard and there all the information related to your vehicle is available on a single page but in Digilocker you have to show your documents separately.

Inside Digilocker, you can show your documents even without an internet connection because you can access all the documents you add here offline as well but you do not get to see this facility inside the mParivahan app, in which you need an internet connection to access your documents.

Which App Is Better For You, mParivahan Or Digilocker?

See, if seen, the purpose of using these two apps is different and even though you can see the similarity in both these apps, there are different advantages of using these two apps. You can use Digilocker to keep all your documents in the electric form and you can use mParivahan to keep the documents related to your vehicle in the electric form. So we recommend you to use both these apps.

Final Words:

In the digital age, Digilocker and mParivahan have revolutionized document management by eliminating the need for physical copies and bringing vital paperwork to our smartphones. Both platforms fetch real-time data from official servers, ensuring the legitimacy of stored documents. The choice between them hinges on individual needs; Digilocker suits those requiring a comprehensive digital repository, whereas mParivahan is perfect for efficient management of vehicle-related paperwork. Optimal document organization can be achieved by utilizing both platforms.


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