Google pay Scams, Refunds and Safety related all details explained

In this world of Cashless, it has become very important to save your money from Scammers because every day many people become victims of money frauds and they lose their hard earned money because of some of their ignorance. In very few cases, it happens that you do not have any hand in the cyber scam or money fraud that happened to you.

Otherwise, due to any mistake of yours, Scammers or Fraudsters are able to withdraw money from your bank. If you also use Google Pay, the online payment service launched by Google, then the question must have arisen in your mind that will google pay refund money if scammed?

Will google pay refund money if scammed? Gpay Scams, refunds

And if such an incident has happened to you or you have become a victim of any financial fraud due to Google Pay, then what are the steps that you can follow to get your money back Or how you can secure yourself for further, we will know all this in this article. Along with this, we will also know some important Features of Google Pay, which are very important for you to know, if you also use online payment service.

Will Google Pay Refund Money if Scammed?

Google Pay is a Trusted Online Payment Service which has been developed by Google itself and if there is any fraud or scam with you through Google Pay, then there is no fault of Google Pay in this. Because it is possible due to any mistake of yours like OTP Sharing, Screen Sharing or PIN Sharing. But even after this, Google Pay provides you a form which you have to fill up and after that if it is found that your money has been deducted from Google Pay without any response from you, then you get your money refunded.

If your money is deducted from your account due to any bug or mistake of Google Pay, then Google refunds your money to you when it is confirmed. But if after reviewing the form, it is found that you had shared your sensitive information with someone, then Google Pay will not refund the money to you.

But after this, Google will definitely give you its recommendation on how you can be secure for the future, and it will give you a very proper guide, about which we will talk further in detail.

Steps To Get Money Back From Google Pay After Getting Scammed?

If you have been a victim of a fraud and you want to get your money back, then by following which steps you can request for refund of the money, let us know. If fraud/scam has happened to you due to the use of Google Pay, Phone Pay or any other online payment service, then you have to follow these steps, so that you can secure yourself and your money –

1. First of all, inform your bank about the fraud that happened to you. Whichever bank you have an account with, immediately online or offline, tell them about this fraud transaction of yours.

2. After this, you should report this in your nearest cybercrime police department. You can also do this in both online or offline mode.

3. After this, Google Pay also gives you the facility to report the fraud with you, which you can report by filling this form

You are given two sections in this form. Out of which in the first section you have to enter information about yourself and in the second section you have to enter the information of that other user against whom you are filing a report.

Google Pay unauthorised activity and fraud activity form fill by customer

While filling the form, you must also add the image of your bank statement in which your fraud transaction is showing. Here Google itself tells you that it is not necessary that we will reply you 100% regarding this request. If after reviewing the form filled by you and after checking your statement, if they feel that it is necessary to contact you, then only you will get a response from them.

While filling the form, you must also add the image of your bank statement in which your fraud transaction is showing. Here Google itself tells you that it is not necessary that we will reply you 100% regarding this request. If after reviewing the form filled by you and after checking your statement, if they feel that it is necessary to contact you, then only you will get a response from them.

Let us now know how you can protect yourself from online fraud or scam.

How to Avoid Fraud on Google Pay?

Keeping in mind the following things, you can avoid fraud on Google Pay or any online payment service –

1. Never share your UPI PIN with anyone. Always keep it secret because it is also very sensitive information like your ATM PIN, which you should always use secretly.

2. Do not share the received OTP with anyone while logging in to Google Pay.

3. Always install Trusted Apps only in your device. Never use Screen Sharing Apps on your device Screen Sharing Apps like – Screen Share, AnyDesk and TeamViewer.

4. Never enter your UPI PIN on any website, application or software. This can be very dangerous for you

5. Always keep in mind that UPI PIN is never required for receiving money. UPI Pin is required only to send money and if someone is misleading you and asking for UPI PIN, then understand that he wants to send money from your account to another account. That’s why in such a situation, never share your UPI PIN.

6. If you want to contact the Customer Care of Google Pay or any Digital Payment App, then always contact the Customer Care from the Help or Contact section of their official App. Never call the Customer care numbers given on the internet because many times the numbers of Scammers also get ranked there.

7. In addition, always try to avoid suspicious calls, emails & requests.

Apart from these, there are some other important points that you should keep in mind while using Google Pay. If you also keep these things in mind which are mentioned below, then also the chances of being fraud with you are reduced to a great extent –

Some Other Important Points to Protect Your Google Pay Information

Google Pay stores all your personal information at a safe location through its Top Class Security Features and Best Artificial Intelligence Which is monitored from time to time by the Google Pay team so that your hard-earned money can be secured.

They keep updating their features from time to time so that Hacking and Scamming can be detected properly and your identity can be kept safe.

But still some Scammers try to steal your personal information from you by phone or take your personal information from you by misleading you in your words. Always avoid Phishing, Spoofing and Fraudulent money requests calls. Let us know how you can identify these calls –

Note – Always keep in mind that you will never get a direct call from Google unless you have filled a form or requested to call customer care yourself.

Phishing – Phishing means that when someone pretends to be someone else and asks for your sensitive information from you. If someone calls himself a Google Pay Customer Care Agent, then do not give any information to him until you verify completely that he is a Google Customer Care Agent.

These two points can help you in identifying such phishing calls –

1. Google will never ask you for your Payment Account Number, UPI PIN, OTP or Password and if someone is asking you for these things, then you should understand that he is a scammer and wants to cheat you.

2. If someone demands these things from you through email, then verify the email address whether it is genuine or fake. For how you can verify this, see the next point.

Spoofing – Spoofing means that when someone wants to mislead you and tries to prove himself to be genuine and trustworthy. Fraudsters can also match you with a very genuine looking email and ask for your personal information. Now how can you verify an email in Gmail whether it is fake or real, for this follow the steps mentioned below And if you use any other webmail service, then you should ask your mail host how to verify the sender.

  1. In Gmail, open your message and click on Show Original from the Drop Down next to the Reply Button above. Now all the details of that sender will appear in front of you.
verify a email sender using google Gmail mail service
  1. Now pay attention here that the address given in From and the address given in Reply to should be the same. The address of Reply to, when you open the mail and click on the Reply button above there, a Text Editor opens in front of you where you write your reply. On top of that, you have an address show to which you are replying.
verify a email sender using google Gmail mail service
  1. Along with this here you should also check the address of Message ID and verify that it matches with the domain of From address.
  • Apart from this, if any person asks for money online from you, then confirm that where you are sending your money and you know that person. Whomever you want to send your money to, first confirm his identity.
  • Whenever you are in a panic or whenever your mind is distracted, never do any Financial Transaction at that time. Like – recharge, bill payment etc., nor do it when someone pressures you to call.
  • Whenever you use Google Pay, stop all Screen Sharing Apps of your mobile. Because with this Fraudsters can control your entire phone and can steal your ATM card details and with this they can also steal your mobile’s OTP which can be misused.
  • Google Pay will never ask you to download any Third Party app for any reason. And if you use any such app, then before opening Google Pay, close all these apps.

How Do I Know If My Google Pay Has Been Hacked?

Whenever any Suspicious incident happens in your account, due to which you feel that your account is in danger, then you can feel that your Google Pay account may have been hacked.

Apart from this, even if you are not able to access your Google Pay app, you can guess that your Google Pay account has been hacked because after hacking your account, Hackers change your password first and with this, they can change your UPI PIN as well. That’s why if you feel any of these things, then contact your bank immediately and get your account frozen and also inform Google Pay about it.

If any type of money has been deducted from your bank account or Paytm Wallet which has not been done by you, then you can understand that your account has been hacked and you need to take immediate action against it.

What Happens If Google Pay Payment Fails And Money Is Debited?

If your Google Pay shows Transaction Failed and the money has been deducted from your bank account, then even if you do not take any action, the bank will refund your money to you in its 3 Business Days. Otherwise, you can inform Google Pay and your bank about this. By doing this, your money may come back soon, but in such a situation, you definitely get your money refund because there is a kind of technical issue and there is no fault of yours in it.

Here it is possible that you may not get any message regarding refund of your money. Therefore, to confirm that your money has been refunded, check the statement of your bank account.

Is Google Pay Safe To Use In India?

Yes, it is safe to use Google Pay in India, but you can use it anywhere safely in any country because it is a product launched by Google and hardly any other company as big and trusted as Google will be. Google Pay is easy to use.

Google Pay is monitored by the Google team all the time and they use their top security in this. Your Google Pay Information is stored on a secure server at a secure location so that no fraud or scam can happen to you.

Secondly, Google Pay in India does all the payments through UPI, which is an Indian Payment Gateway which has been implemented by the Indian Government itself. But foreigners cannot use this UPI method, because the facility of UPI is only for Indian people. Google Pay works on the principles of UPI, so you can feel free to link your bank account with Google Pay and make Cashless payments safely.

Final Words

If you have read this entire article carefully, then along with will google pay refund money if scammed, you would have got to know all such information related to Google Pay, which you would want to know about and till now you would not have got any exact answer to your questions.

If you have any question or topic related to Google Pay Scam or Fraud which we have not covered in this article, then you must share it with us with the help of Comment Section. We will definitely reply you. Your feedback is very helpful for us.



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