HDFC Regalia & Business Regalia Credit Card Lounge Access List

Friends, if you are a credit card user, then you would be well aware that you also get access to the lounge of some selected Airports in the benefits of credit cards. You will find this facility in almost every credit card of every bank, but you can see the difference in their airports and lounges. The more you use the premium card, the more you get access to the premium lounge. In this article, we will make you aware of HDFC Business Regalia Credit Card and HDFC Regalia lounge access list International and Domestic, so that you will be able to know that with the help of these two credit cards, you can get access to which airport lounge.

You get access to different lounges in each credit card and sometimes you can see similarities in them, but their features and benefits are provided to you according to your credit card only. Now in HDFC Regalia and HDFC Business Regalia Credit Card, we will know about which airports you are given access to lounges.

HDFC Business Regalia & HDFC Regalia Lounge Access List:

Lounges applicable for Regalia and Business Regalia Credit Card variants:

StateCityLoungeTerminalTerminal No:
DelhiNew DelhiEncalm LoungeDomestic T3Terminal 3
DelhiNew DelhiEncalm LoungeInternational T3Terminal 3
DelhiNew DelhiEncalm LoungeDomestic T2Terminal 2
MaharashtraMumbaiTravel Club Lounge (MALS)Domestic T2Terminal 2
MaharashtraMumbaiLoyalty Lounge (Clipper)InternationalTerminal 2
MaharashtraMumbaiOasisDomestic T1BTerminal 1B
Tamil NaduChennaiTravel Club Lounge BDomesticTerminal 1
Tamil NaduChennaiTravel Club Lounge ADomesticTerminal 1
Tamil NaduChennaiTravel Club LoungeInternationalTerminal 4
West BengalKolkataTravel Club LoungeDomesticTerminal 1
KarnatakaBangaloreBLR Domestic LoungeDomesticTerminal 1
KarnatakaBangaloreBLR International LoungeInternationalTerminal 1
KarnatakaBangalore080 Domestic LoungeDomesticTerminal 2
TelanganaHyderabadEncalm LoungeDomesticTerminal 1
TelanganaHyderabadEncalm LoungeInternationalTerminal 1
GujaratAhmedabadThe LoungeDomesticTerminal 1
KeralaCochinEarthDomesticTerminal 1
MaharashtraPuneEarthDomesticTerminal 1
Last updated on 1st May 2023 by HDFC Bank.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Apply

Please Note:

  • To use the Participating Airport Lounge, customer’s card must be validated at point of entry by swiping a transaction of a nominal charge. If customer has exceeded the quota of complimentary domestic airport lounge accesses as per the Product feature the transaction will get declined and the same will be informed the customer by the lounge personnel. Validation charges on various card variants are as under:
    • For Mastercard Cards, Rs.25 will be charged and immediately made void at the terminal for validation.
    • For Visa and RuPay Cards, Rs.2 will be charged to the card account as a transaction for validation
  • The offer is not transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be en-cashed
  • All usage of the Participating Airport Lounges under the Program is conditional upon presentation of a valid eligible Card, and the Bank, in its sole and absolute discretion, may alter, cancel, or amend eligibility of any credit card, or card feature/benefits, at any time without prior notice.
  • Please note that additional charge may occur for meal/food/drink items (especially Alcoholic Drinks) as well as for services like Nap, Massage Service and Spa as per the discretion of the Participating Airport Lounge.
  • Participating Airport Lounges may reserve the right to enforce a maximum stay policy (usually 2 – 3 hours) to prevent overcrowding. This is at the discretion of the individual Lounge operator who may impose a charge for extended stays.
  • HDFC Bank shall not be liable under any circumstances for the services provided at and by the Participating Lounges.


Does HDFC Regalia have free lounge access?

HDFC Regalia Credit Card provides a limited number of complimentary lounge access visits each year. It’s not entirely free; you have a set number of visits included with your card.

Which lounge can I access with HDFC Regalia Credit Card?

you can access the following lounges with your HDFC Regalia credit card:
Domestic lounges:
Adani Lounge
Plaza Premium Lounge
The Purple Lounge
Priority Pass Select Lounges
Vistara Lounge
International lounges:
Priority Pass Lounges
Diners Club Lounges

Is Priority Pass free for Regalia?

No, Priority Pass membership is not included for free with HDFC Regalia Credit Card. You would need to purchase a Priority Pass membership separately for access to its lounge network.

How do I know if my card has free lounge access?

To discover the lounge access perks of your card, you have a few options. Visit HDFC Bank’s official website, review the terms and conditions that came with your card, contact HDFC Bank’s customer service, or visit a nearby HDFC Bank branch for personalized information on your lounge access benefits.

How many times can I use my Regalia card in an airport lounge?

With HDFC Regalia Credit Card, you typically get 12 complimentary lounge access visits in both domestic and international terminals at airports in a year. After exhausting this limit, you may have to pay a fee for subsequent visits or use any alternative lounge access options you may have.


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