Benefits and Features of HDFC Millennia Debit Card: Is it Worth it?

If you are also a user of HDFC Bank’s Millennia Debit Card or you are thinking of applying for this HDFC Millennia Debit Card, then in this article you will be given complete information about HDFC Millennia Debit Card. HDFC Millennia Debit Card is a premium debit card and it provides you with many premium benefits, about which we will learn step by step in this article. Although HDFC Bank provides many types of debit cards, but their Millennia Debit Card is quite popular.

A Quick Overview of HDFC Millennia Debit Card Features:

Detailed Explanation of HDFC Millennia Debit Card features:

Now we will know in detail all these features of this Millennia Debit Card of HDFC –

HDFC Millennia Debit Card Rewards & Benefits:

HDFC Millennia Debit Card: Benefits, Eligibility and More

If you shop through HDFC PayZapp and SmartBuy using this HDFC Millennia Debit Card, you get 5% cashback points. If you add your Millennia debit card to HDFC PayZapp and do any spending or shopping with it, you will directly get 5% cashback points. Along with this, if you log in to HDFC SmartBuy and do any spending or book ticket with this debit card, then you get 5% cashback points there also.

Apart from this, if you do online shopping on any platform with this debit card, you get 2.5% cashback points there. Now whether you spend any money using this debit card on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or any online platform or e-commerce site, you will get 2.5% cashback points. With this, you get 1% cashback points on all other offline spends and wallet reloads.

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Now here HDFC Bank gives 1% cashback on wallet reload on this debit card, this is a very good benefit because no cashback is given on wallet reload in any other bank’s debit card. So in this debit card you are given this additional benefit.

Now there are some terms and conditions on these rewards of HDFC Millennia Debit Card, which we know one by one –

  • To earn cashback points in any category, your minimum transaction should be of ₹400.
  • You can earn maximum 400 cashback points in a month from this debit card by combining cashback points of all categories. With this, when you redeem these cashback points, you will be able to redeem them in multiples of Rs. 400 only. That means, if you have 500 cashback points in your account, you will be able to redeem only 400 cashback points out of which the remaining 100 points will remain in your account or you can directly redeem 800 points.
  • If you do not use these earned cashback points within 1 year, then your points will expire i.e. you will not be able to use these cashback points. Therefore, you have to redeem these cashback points within 1 year and we will tell you the process of how you can redeem them in this article.
  • And these cashback points will be credited to your account within 90 days after your transaction. That means you will not be provided these cashback points instantly. And if you do not see these cashback points in your account within 90 days, then you can contact HDFC Bank customer support.

If you do any transaction related to Fuel, Jewellery, Business Services, Credit Card Payment, or Insurance Premium with this debit card, then you are not given any cashback point on these categories.

How to Redeem HDFC Debit Card Cashback Points?

To redeem your cashback points you can follow the following steps –

  • First of all you have to log in to HDFC Netbanking. If you have not yet registered in HDFC Netbanking, then register first.
  • After logging in, Go to the Pay section and click on Cards – Debit Cards.
  • Under Debit Cards, click on Enquire – Cashback Inquiry and Redemption
  • After this you will select your account from the drop down and after this all your points will be visible to you here.
  • From here you can redeem your cashback points in multiples of 400.

HDFC Millennia Debit Card Lounge Access:

You are also provided the facility of airport lounge access on this debit card, under which you can get maximum 4 complimentary domestic lounge access in 1 year. Four lounge access per year means you will get access to 1 lounge in a quarter. And now HDFC Bank has given a new update that from 1st January 2024, you can get access to one lounge per quarter only if you spend Rs 5000 or more from your debit card in the previous quarter.

This means that if you want to get four complimentary lounge access in a year using this debit card, then you will have to spend at least ₹ 5000 from this debit card in 3 months, only then you will be eligible for this benefit. Although you get this free lounge access facility in credit cards, but HDFC Bank is providing you this facility in debit cards also, which is a very good thing. Therefore this is also an additional benefit of this debit card.

Now you can get access to which lounges using HDFC Bank debit cards, you can see the complete list here which keeps changing from time to time.

HDFC Millennia Debit Card Withdrawal Limit:

With this premium debit card, you can take advantage of higher cash withdrawal limits and extensive shopping capabilities.

Cash Withdrawal Limit: Access up to Rs. 50,000 in cash daily at ATMs, depending on your account balance. This feature ensures convenience and flexibility in managing your finances while prioritizing your card’s security.

Shopping Limits: Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with HDFC Millennia Debit Card. Enjoy a daily domestic shopping limit of Rs 3.5 lakh and international shopping limit of Rs 1 lakh. These generous limits enhance your purchasing power and cater to your diverse spending needs.

As a premium account holder with HDFC Bank, you receive even more significant benefits. All the aforementioned limits on your HDFC Millennia Debit Card are increased, providing you with an elevated level of financial freedom.

Millennia Debit Card Charges:

  • Annual Fee: Rs. 500 + applicable taxes
  • Replacement/Reissuance Fee: Rs. 200 + applicable taxes
  • Domestic Merchant Transactions: No charges except at select merchants like IRCTC, railway stations etc. where additional charges apply.
  • International Merchant Transactions: 3.5% cross currency markup on foreign currency transactions.
  • PIN Generation: Free
  • Decline Charges for Insufficient Balance: Rs. 25 + applicable taxes per transaction
  • At HDFC ATMs: Free up to 5 transactions per month, Rs. 21 + taxes beyond that

At Other Bank ATMs:

  • Metro: 3 free transactions, Rs. 21 + taxes beyond that
  • Non-Metro: 5 free transactions, Rs. 21 + taxes beyond that
  • At HDFC ATMs: Free

At Other Bank ATMs:

  • Metro: Rs. 8.50 + taxes per transaction
  • Non-Metro: Rs. 8.50 + taxes per transaction

Balance Enquiry:

  • Non-Managed Segment: Rs. 25 + taxes
  • Managed Segment: Rs. 15 + taxes

Cash Withdrawal:

  • Non-Managed Segment: Rs. 125 + taxes + 3.5% cross currency markup
  • Managed Segment: Rs. 110 + taxes + 3.5% cross currency markup

In summary, the key fees are annual fee, replacement fee, ATM withdrawal charges beyond free limit, international transaction markup and international ATM charges. Other transactions are largely free.

Millennia Debit Card Eligibility:

If we talk about the eligibility of this card, then if you have any of the following types of accounts in HDFC Bank, then you can easily get this debit card-

  • Savings Account
  • Current Account
  • Super Saver Account
  • Loan Against Shares Account (LAS)
  • Salary Account
  • Individual Account Holders (Savings Account, Corporate Salary Accounts & Senior Citizens)

Other Benefits:

  • On this debit card, you also get Fire & Burglary Insurance of Rs 2 lakh, the detailed terms and conditions of which you can read from here
  • Apart from this, you also get a Baggage Cover of Rs 2 lakh on this card, in which if you ever go on a holiday and your checked bag gets stolen or lost, then you can take a claim of up to Rs 2 lakh. You can get more information about this from here
  • Along with this, this debit card comes with zero cost liability in which if your debit card is lost or stolen then you will have to immediately inform it to your nearest HDFC branch. After this, if anyone does any fraudulent transaction using that debit card, then all this liability will be of HDFC Bank. You can get more information regarding this from here
  • On this debit card, you also get personal accident death coverage up to ₹ 1,000,000 and international air coverage of ₹ 1 crore, but for this, your flight ticket must be purchased from this debit card.


  1. Is HDFC Millennia Debit Card Good?

    The HDFC Millennia Debit Card is considered a premium debit card that offers several benefits, including cashback points on various types of transactions, airport lounge access, higher cash withdrawal limits, insurance coverage, and more. Whether it is “good” for you depends on your financial needs and spending habits. If you can make the most of its features and are comfortable with the associated charges and eligibility requirements, it can be a valuable addition to your wallet.

  2. Is HDFC Millennia Debit Card Chargeable?

    Yes, the HDFC Millennia Debit Card has an annual fee of Rs 500 + taxes. Additionally, there is a reissue and replacement fee of Rs 200 + taxes. However, the annual fee is relatively low compared to the benefits it offers.

  3. Is Airport Lounge Free For HDFC Millennia Debit Card?

    Yes, the HDFC Millennia Debit Card provides 4 complimentary domestic lounge accesses in a year. However, there is a new update effective from 1st January 2024, which requires you to spend at least Rs 5000 or more from your debit card in the previous quarter to be eligible for this benefit.

  4. Who is Eligible For Millennia Debit Card?

    The HDFC Millennia Debit Card is available to individuals who have specific types of accounts with HDFC Bank, including Savings Account, Current Account, Super Saver Account, Loan Against Shares Account (LAS), Salary Account, and Individual Account Holders (Savings Account, Corporate Salary Accounts & Senior Citizens). Eligibility is based on having one of these account types with HDFC Bank.


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